Fire Pits and Outdoor Fireplaces in King of Prussia, Reading, Allentown, PA


Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are ideal ways to add warmth and ambience to your outdoor spaces, while extending the hours you are able spend on your patio well into the cold fall evenings. With an endless variety of design options available to you, creating the perfect fireplace for your patio can be a daunting task. The following tips and ideas should help narrow your options and enable you to create a fire feature that complements and enhances your existing patio.


Merging your patio and fireplace

It is important that your outdoor fireplace doesn’t clash with the rest of your patio, as this will make it seem out of place. This can be prevented by selecting stone that echoes some of the shades within your patio floor and surrounding features. Unilock’s Brussels Dimensional Stone offers a variety of rich colors for your outdoor fire feature, the Sandstone color variation perfectly complements a patio floor paved with Umbriano pavers in Almond Grove. You can also tie your floor and fireplace together by matching your paving borders to the banding that lines your fireplace. A dark variation of limestone, such as Unilock’s Black River, can act as a sleek, yet powerful accent to the subtle, sandy shades of sandstone.


The importance of good placement

The location of your fireplace plays an important role in determining its visual impact as well as how many people will be able to enjoy it. Arranging your outdoor furniture around a fire pit, or facing a fireplace at various angles, will create a snug area perfect for gathering friends and family. Your fireplace will then adopt its rightful place as the focal feature, as the rest of your outdoor entertainment encircles its ambience. Where your fireplace is placed will also affect its visual appeal. Lush greenery peeking out from behind a tall fireplace veneered with warm, natural stone can amplify its beauty, for example.


Using the right materials

Opting for natural stone can grant your fireplace a uniquely luxurious appearance, however, Unilock offers many concrete pavers that mimic the rich color and texture of natural stone while retaining the durability and affordability of concrete. Installing a television set above your classic fireplace can add the perfect modern touch to your covered patio. Certain materials, such as Unilock’s Lineo Dimensional Stone, can also contribute their contemporary aesthetic to your outdoor space. If a stout, traditional fireplace is more suited to your patio, then the distressed finish of Estate Wall should give it an adequately rustic appearance.


Selecting the perfect shape and size

There are few limitations when it comes to the shape and size of your fire pit or fireplace. Fire pits are often circular and can be partially enclosed by a low, curved wall that acts as convenient seating space. Alternatively, fire pits can be square, their geometric edges accented by other modern elements such as sleek chairs and smooth patio stones. Unilock also offers a variety of pre-built fire pits and rectangular fire tables, showcasing both contemporary and traditional materials and designs. Fireplaces are even more customizable, as one can adjust their height, width, accents and any specialized compartments to suit your preferences.


Fire Pits & Outdoor Fireplaces in King of Prussia, Reading, Allentown, PA