Evaluating Concrete Pavers with a Contemporary Plank-Like Look in Katonah, NY

Evaluating Concrete Pavers with a Contemporary Plank-Like Look in Katonah, NY

The title image features Artline pavers.


The plank is taking contemporary design by storm. Taking inspiration from plank-like porcelain tiles used in interior design, they are increasingly popular in outdoor kitchens, patios, and driveways. Which paver is right for you? Here’s a guide for evaluating concrete pavers with a contemporary plank-like look in Katonah, NY.


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Artline Concrete Pavers

Artline concrete pavers from Unilock give you options that complement any contemporary setting. Sold in a random bundle of seven different rectangular shapes, you will most often find Artline pavers laid in a running bond pattern for a modern linear look. Artline pavers are available in five colors (Copper Ridge, French Grey, Steel Mountain, Tuscany, and Winter Marvel). The French Grey and Winter Marvel colors come in an Umbriano finish that includes EasyClean Stain Resistance, an integral surface protection from stains. For a more subtle look, you could use one color and finish throughout your project. For a more dramatic and completely custom look, look into have colors mixed (for example, your landscape contractor could combine Steel Mountain and Copper Ridge or French Grey and Winter Marvel. These color combos would occur onsite).


Senzo Concrete Pavers

Senzo concrete pavers from Unilock are available in an 8”x16” format that enhances modern designs. Senzo pavers are factory sealed with EasyClean Stain Resistance, making this paver ideal for driveways, outdoor dining areas and pool decks. You would not have to worry about the effects of your swimming pool chemicals or the occasional wine glass breaking on your patio. This stunning paver comes in three contemporary colors: a light buff Cremo, a warm chestnut Castano, and a dramatic gray-to-black Nuvola. Castano and Nuvola feature dramatic color gradations within each paver, and Cremo offers less contrast for a more subtle look. An 8”x8” size is also available.


Umbriano Concrete Pavers

While Umbriano pavers from Unilock are not typically thought of as plank-shaped, they are available in a larger-format 12”x24” size. Infused with EasyClean Stain Resistance, Umbriano pavers give your outdoor space the gorgeous look of granite with a surface that resists stains from food, oil, household chemicals, pool chemicals, and deicing salts. Their subtle yet non-slip texture makes Umbriano pavers perfect for outdoor kitchens and pools, and these concrete pavers are also a popular choice for contemporary driveways.


Choose among a variety of colors, from Winter Marvel, French Grey, or Midnight Sky to Summer Wheat or Autumn Sunset. Umbriano pavers can be laid in pretty much any layout pattern. They could also serve as an accent to another large size paver.


As for laying patterns, plank-like pavers can be laid in a classic running bond pattern for a long, linear look. Or they can be laid in a herringbone pattern that brings a traditional touch to a modern shape. With the help of your landscape contractor, you will want to consider size, finish, and texture as you consider how your plank-like pavers will be arranged. A mixed and matched effect could be very dramatic and modern if that is the aesthetic you crave. Or you may want more continuity and stick to more like-minded looking pieces. The choice will be up to you.


For inspiration on where to use plank-like concrete pavers, explore the Unilock Design Idea Catalog or connect with your local Unilock Authorized Contractor today. 


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Evaluating Concrete Pavers with a Contemporary Plank-Like Look in Katonah, NY