Dynamic Umbriano Pavers Pair with Pops of Color in this Welcoming Mahwah, NJ Outdoor Living Space


Designing a balanced backyard haven requires an eye for the proper usage of space, the potential for hardscape modifications, and a keen sense for complementing a surrounding natural landscape. Magic Landscaping transformed this Mahwah, NJ backyard into a dynamic outdoor living area for the whole family to enjoy. Prior to the new design and modifications, several impediments to traffic flow and layout stood in the way of the family’s intended use of the space. The poolscape and patio were not fully utilized due to their uneven and restricted arrangement, deterring the owners from purchasing furniture they desired and from fully enjoying the patio’s lounging potential. Magic Landscaping reimagined the residents’ daily interaction with the yard—from the initial entrance walkway to the three separate lounge and pool areas.



To begin, a previously uneven walkway was uniformly leveled to increase ease of movement, and elegant natural stepping stones replaced the previous pavers. Additional foliage and naturally occurring plants were added to blend the hard with the soft, welcoming guests through a pristine yet organic entranceway. The contractors at Magic Landscaping leveled the main patio area as well, removing a patio step and creating a more expansive area for dining, cooking, and lounging. Classic wrought iron outdoor furniture serves to complement the Winter Marvel Umbriano paver patio, finished off with a Black Granite Series 3000 border.

Moving along to the poolscape area, the surrounding sun deck did not previously allow for sufficient travel and furniture space, but slight renovations reimagined this deck’s purpose and usability. Additionally, the nearby reconstructed dining patio now seamlessly looks over the Jacuzzi and pool area, creating a balanced hosting space.



Further down the patio’s walkway, the designers recreated a fully functional and modernly streamlined fire pit area, built from Lineo Dimensional Stone to match the modern patio, which is now properly connected to one of the house’s main rooms—showcasing the stunning French doors which enter into the backyard. This distinct fire pit lounging space simplifies hosting larger groups, providing a private gathering area when guests seeks separate areas for conversation and outdoor enjoyment. To balance and finish off the freshly conceived and constructed space, Magic Landscaping filled the yard with local, natural foliage to complement the flow and innovative design of the vibrant new living area.


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