Driveway Pavers in Long Island, Glen Cove, Hempstead, Huntington, NY


The aesthetic potential of your suburban driveway extends far beyond the dreary appearance of asphalt, gravel and poured concrete slabs. A sophisticated, paved driveway can be the ideal complement to your Long Island home and is sure to push your curb appeal to the next level. The following considerations should convince you to opt for concrete pavers in your driveway design.


Resilience and flexibility

The most crucial criteria of any driveway is its ability to withstand daily vehicular traffic. The joints between concrete pavers make their surfaces far more flexible than large expanses of poured concrete. This allows the pavers to withstand the heavy loads and pressures placed upon them. In the event that your paved driveway has undergone damages (though these are usually minor if anything, given Unilock paver’s extreme durability) the individual pavers can be lifted and replaced without disrupting the rest of the driveway or leaving traces of repair. An installation of pavers can also move with the natural fluctuation of the earth beneath it, allowing for shifts in the foundation.


Interlocking patterns

Concrete pavers can be obtained in a virtually limitless variety of shapes and colors, and can be arranged in an equally endless array of patterns, allowing you to design a truly unique driveway. Not all patterns involve the interlocking of pavers – however, this configuration adds further durability to the surface and helps to ensure that pavers don’t sink or shift out of place. One example of an interlocking paver pattern is the herringbone design, in which pavers are laid in alternating directions to create multiple “V” shapes. Paver patterns can be made even more captivating by using pavers of different shades, shapes and sizes.


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Functional surfaces

Deciding to use concrete pavers for your driveway will grant you the access to a wide variety of possible surface textures to suit your needs. Rough pavers with non-skid surfaces will ensure that you stay safe in the rain while certain pavers also have an angled edge that simplifies the ploughing or shoveling of snow. Many Unilock pavers utilize EasyClean Stain Resistance technology that helps to prevent the formation of oil stains. You can further ensure the preservation of your driveway by utilizing pavers imbued with Unilock’s EnduraColor Facemix technology, which creates a highly fade-resistant surface.


Complementing the home

The extensive variety of shades in which concrete pavers are produced should allow you to create a driveway that matches, complements or contrasts your home’s exterior, forming a visual link between the two and tying the entire property together. Many concrete pavers mimic natural stone, combining its elegant beauty with the affordability and endurance of concrete. Beacon Hill Flagstone or Richcliff pavers, for example, can be used to complement a home veneered with stacked natural stone.


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Permeable driveways

Some concrete pavers, such as Unilock’s Uni Eco-Stone, are permeable, maximizing the drainage of rainwater to the soil below. These pavers return moisture to the ecosystem, preventing the accumulation of rainwater on the surface of the driveway and runoff into stormwater drains. Turfstone pavers consist of a concrete lattice interrupted by grass patches that make a unique aesthetic statement. These are also highly permeable and prevent soil erosion.


Driveway Pavers in Long Island, Glen Cove, Hempstead, Huntington, NY