Do’s and Don’ts of Outdoor Fireplace Maintenance in East Hampton, NY

Do's and Don'ts of Outdoor Fireplace Maintenance in East Hampton NY


Keeping your outdoor fireplace in great condition is a must to ensure safety and efficiency. Fortunately, the strength and durability of Unilock wall units means that maintenance is kept to a minimum. Fireplaces are a favorite among many East Hampton, NY, homeowners because they enhance backyard aesthetics and offer a warm and cozy gathering spot for romantic dates, family get-togethers and after party lounging with friends. Here are some do’s and don’ts of outdoor fireplace maintenance:


Do: Perform Annual Maintenance

Forgetting about the fireplace during seasons where it does not receive use is all too easy, but even though you are not using this feature, having it regularly inspected and cleaned by a professional is still recommended. It’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with a reliable contractor early in the spring, or at least opt for an annual inspection of your fireplace, along with a full inspection of your hardscape. A professional inspection will make sure every part of the fireplace is safe and working perfectly. To make sure the fireplace stays in top shape, consider the building materials first and foremost. Unilock wall units, such as Rivercrest Wall, are ideal for fire features like fireplaces and fire pits because of their durability. Rivercrest Wall is manufactured using the proprietary Reala Surface technology which gives the wall unit its ultra-realistic texture cast from actual natural stone. Unilock pavers and wall units are low-maintenance and won’t split or crack as a result of the heat of the fireplace.


Don’t: Place the Fireplace on a Flammable Surface

Ensure safety by ensuring that the placement of your fireplace is clear of flammable features, such as wooden decks or trees with broad, loose branches. Concrete pavers are one of the best surfaces for the area surrounding a fireplace, and the versatility of Unilock pavers ensures that can be installed by a professional almost anywhere in the landscape. Get the best of the best with the EnduraColor Plus paver line, which includes favorites such as Umbriano, Richcliff, and Copthorne. Unilock EnduraColor Plus products set a new standard for everlasting beauty, strength, and durability. Thanks to proprietary technologies such as ColorFusion, EasyClean, and EnduraColor Facemix Technology, Unilock pavers offer a natural stone-like appearance, stain-resistance, fade-resistance and extreme durability. These characteristics are ideal for materials that serve as the foundation of a fireplace patio.

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Do: Explore Placement Options

Following safety protocols doesn’t mean that your options are limited when it comes to installing your fireplace. Fireplaces are amazing stand-alone features, which opens up a range of design opportunities for you to create a central feature or a cozy nook tucked away in the landscape. The stand-alone fireplace can match the existing design and style of your current outdoor area, but you can also get creative and turn the fireplace into an element that stands apart. With its unique antique-textured finish that recreates the natural appearance of aged rock, Estate Wall offers a beautiful complement to outdoor spaces that require an authentic look and feel. Choose the decorative modern wall unit, Lineo Dimensional Stone to create a sleek, eye-catching fire feature.


Don’t Rely on Unskilled Contractors

Having a reliable and professional contractor install your outdoor fireplace is an essential first step to its longevity and durability. A trustworthy contractor will be able to advise you against bad fireplace placement and other hazards. Unilock Authorized Contractors are one step ahead of the competition, offering a guarantee that the job will be done right.

The title image features an Umbriano paver patio with Estate Wall fireplace and vertical features.


Do's and Don'ts of Outdoor Fireplace Maintenance in East Hampton NY