Don’t Invest in Bluestone for Your Suffolk County, NY, Patio Until You See These Pavers


Bluestone is an attractive building material and a popular one for Suffolk County, NY, patio design. Before you take the plunge with bluestone, however, do yourself and your budget a favor and pause for thought. Concrete options from Unilock offer more flexibility and quality of aesthetic while maximizing the durability of the construction. These Unilock series provide a bluestone reminiscent aesthetic while enhancing durability, ease of maintenance, ease of installation, and affordability.


Beacon Hill Flagstone

One of the prime features of Beacon Hill Flagstone by Unilock is the naturalistic texture somewhat similar to flagstone. Color options like Almond Grove, Bavarian, Coffee Creek, New York Blend, Sierra, Steel Mountain, and Tuscany offer a range of shading similar to what is available with bluestone, while the size and shape options of the paver provide for the perfect natural stone-esque layout pattern. This series may not be “the real thing,” but it more than makes up for it in aesthetic, function, and pricing.


Beacon Hill Smooth

If you like the look of flagstone but prefer a smooth, modern texture, look to Beacon Hill Smooth offered by Unilock. The blended tones of Desert Valley, Sierra, Steel Mountain, and Tuscany, along with the three different rectilinear shape options, work well to create a bluestone-inspired patio while infusing a touch of sleek modernity and long term durability.

The title image features a pool patio paved with Beacon Hill Smooth in Steel Mountain.


Bristol Valley

With a texture somewhere between the rich surface of Beacon Hill Flagstone and the zero-bevel of Beacon Hill Smooth, Bristol Valley offers a moderate texture with similarly sized pieces. The colors up for use include Bavarian, New York Blend, and Sierra, so you won’t lose any of the bluestone aesthetic that you’re going for. What you gain includes stain resistance, fade resistance, and enhanced durability for a fraction of the cost.



Another moderately textured and superbly naturalistic choice is Thornbury by Unilock. This paver option has three differently sized rectangles and colors available that include Almond Grove, Bavarian, New York Blend, and Sierra, all of which work well for those who appreciate the variety of natural bluestone coloring. Best of all, the material won’t fade, nor will it wear out excessively over time.


Treo Enduracolor

Treo Enduracolor offers a look similar to Beacon Hill Flagstone but with the availability of a range of smaller sized units. This option has the flagstone texture in three differently sized rectangles and a square; however, the colors of Almond Grove, Bavarian, Desert Valley, New York Blend, Sierra, Tuscany, and Charcoal (small rectangle only) provide added versatility to work with in smaller areas and as accent pieces, as opposed to Beacon Hill.


Westport Enduracolor

For an enhanced, natural look with perfected imperfections, natural texture, and pleasing sizes and colors, Unilock offers Westport Enduracolor. Provided in three different sizes or accent pieces, pavers of this series can be delivered in the shades of Almond Grove, Granite, Sierra, or New York Blend for a bluestone-esque patio space without the cost, maintenance, or wear and tear of natural stone.


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Don’t Invest in Bluestone for Your Suffolk County, NY, Patio Until You See These Pavers