Designing the Perfect Outdoor Fireplace with Pergola in Hempstead, NY

Designing the Perfect Outdoor Fireplace with Pergola in Hempstead, NY


On a chilly evening, a secluded fireplace area sheltered by a stylish pergola can be a great spot to make memories. The variety of fireplace styles possible with Unilock products allows you to match these features to a range of different pergola options, as well as your landscape design theme. Read on for some exciting fireplace design ideas to highlight your outdoor living space in Hempstead, NY.


Bring the Indoors Outdoors

A great way to nail down the right design for an outdoor fireplace is to translate a tasteful indoor design into an outdoor feature. By recreating an indoor living room outdoors, and surrounding the fireplace with cozy details that make the area feel like home, you are not only making the most out of the outdoor space, but maintaining a consistent style throughout the entire property. A pergola will shield the fireplace and surrounding area, adding to its already intimate atmosphere. Traditional homes are perfect candidates for a stunning, rich-in-character fireplace built using quality Unilock wall units such as Estate Wall or Brussels Dimensional System. Estate Wall is known for its aged appearance and a unique, antique-textured finish. Estate Wall offers deep earthy colors that offer visual warmth, especially when paired with a wooden pergola. Brussels Dimensional System provides the classic look of tumbled stone blocks. Its weathered surface texture and versatile color palette make it an elegant addition to any backyard.

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Entertain with a Modern Fireplace

Lineo Dimensional Stone present clean lines, strong angles, and a minimalist appearance that pairs perfectly with iron or steel industrial-style pergolas. Available in four different colors, Lineo Dimensional Stone offers an inviting, smooth texture and a relaxed modern design. For homeowners looking to add a sophisticated touch to their outdoor fireplace, the Midnight Charcoal color option can be used to add high contrast to the design, bringing simplicity and elegance to life. Embellish the outdoor living space with modern details, such as by incorporating Umbriano patio pavers. With its appearance of natural granite, and unbeatable durability, Umbriano completes the modern vision of a year-round, outdoor entertainment area.


Add Definite Character

Regardless of the size, an outdoor fireplace will define the look of the entire area. So, it is essential to choose the material that will add the right amount of flair, without going overboard. Rivercrest Wall is available in two pure, neutral colors, Buff and Coastal Slate, and can create a peaceful and inviting look that will add a soft contrast against greenery. Enrich your patio seating area with a gorgeous Rivercrest Wall fireplace beneath a vine-draped pergola and enjoy.


An Instant Backyard Addition

For homeowners who want the convenience of an instant fireplace for the coming season, Unilock pre-built Fireplaces are the ideal solution. One of the biggest perks of these fireplaces is their quick and convenient installation, allowing homeowners to enjoy a stunning fire feature without the wait. The Tuscany pre-built fireplace, made from Brussels Dimensional System and bold Copthorne accents, for example, will make a stunning addition to classic, traditional, mediterranean or rustic-themed landscapes. The same applies for the Barcelona fireplace, also constructed from Brussels Dimensional Stone, and accented with Umbriano. For a modern look, consider Moda, made from the decorative wall unit, Lineo Dimensional Stone, and highlighted with Series accents. For classic elegance with a modern touch, consider the Bella model, which is constructed from Rivercrest Wall. Corresponding wall units can be used as pergola footing pillars to blend and merge and the two features.

The title image features an Umbriano patio with Brussels Dimensional System verticals, and Series accents.


Designing the Perfect Outdoor Fireplace with Pergola in Hempstead, NY