Visual Interest

Shown here: Richcliff pavers and Estate Wall

Classically clean design utilizes balance, contrast, and repetition. The result can be bold and effective, if well executed. A well designed, clean outdoor living space can highlight the nuances of selected building materials, draw the eye to unique focal points, and elevate the overall look of your home. However, without a true balance of various elements, your clean design can quickly become boring and stale. Keep your design visually interesting by following the techniques highlighted below.

Shown here: Richcliff pavers in Dawn Mist with Brussels Dimensional Stone in Limestone.

Utilize deep, varied texture

Modern, contemporary and minimalistic designs rely on the natural textures of the materials incorporated in the design to provide decorative effect, reducing the need for additional ornaments. However, when a space contains only smooth or repetitive textures, the desired effect is lost. The rich, naturalistic textures of Unilock pavers such as the Richcliff paver can help prevent visual flatness. With its embossed surface, cast from unique molds modelled after the surface of natural stone, monotony is avoided entirely.

Shown here: Town Hall pavers in 3-color blend combined with Heritage Red

Incorporate bold colors and contrast

Strong design relies on the intelligent use of a few, key colors. In this project, the Town Hall driveway pavers blend with the rich red brick of the home, allowing the paler stonework and beige decorative half timbering design of the upper window to stand out. The herringbone laying pattern used for the driveway creates subtle contrast with the running bond brick pattern of the house, and directs the eye up the driveway towards the house.

Shown here: Beacon Hill Flagstone with Copthorne border and Brussels Dimensional Stone verticals.

Find the right balance of variation

Variation of texture, color, line, and form is essential in creating a sophisticated design that is simultaneously uncluttered and captivating. Sweeping curves or circular features can be used to balance clean, straight lines. Consider including a fire pit or curved retaining walls into your design to achieve this effect.

Shown here: Thornbury pavers with Town Hall Basalt accent border

Infuse greenery into your hardscaped space

Without adequate softscaping, hardscaped areas run the risk of appearing cold and flat. Design your project with softscaping in mind to create spaces for greenery that introduce color, dynamic movement and verticality to the space.

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