Deciding on the Right Concrete Pavers for your Ridgefield, CT, Hardscape


Do you have a hard time deciding on the right concrete pavers for your Ridgefield, CT, residence? Choosing hardscape material means setting the right tone for your entire outdoor space. Unilock offers a wide range of concrete pavers manufactured with cutting-edge technology. Here are some tips on how to select the right color, shape, and texture of your pavers:


Antara and Cassova for an Elegant Driveway

A properly designed driveway boosts curb appeal and increases the value of the home. If you are dealing with a larger driveway, Antara is an excellent paver because it creates a relaxed, rustic appeal and adds a welcoming feeling to the exterior of a home. For larger driveways, it is important to attract the eye of the visitor by highlighting different points with a more dramatic color. Antara comes in the earthy shade Almond Grove and the dark Granite, which is ideal for creating borders and accents that draw the eye.

Cassova is a versatile driveway paver that can be laid in a variety of patterns such as herringbone, running bond, and basket-weave. This paver creates a simple yet elegant look with its weathered, dimpled surface.

Choosing the right color is one of the most important steps because it defines the effect of the hardscape elements in your outdoor space. For the best results, visit a nearby Unilock Outdoor Center and choose the paver that suits your landscape style. Unilock Classic pavers exceed all ASTM standards for quality and strength.


Richcliff and Senzo for Stunning Patio Design

For an elegant and modern look for your patio, Richcliff pavers have a realistic surface texture that is cast from hundreds of molds of natural stone surface textures, ensuring a randomized patio surface. This product is part of the EnduraColorPlus Architectural Finishes line that promise a long-lasting beauty, unique style options, and exceptional durability. The paver comes in the colors, Dawn Mist, Pebble Taupe, and a combination of the two colors blended on site.

Senzo pavers captivate with their beauty and superior performance. Available in three distinctive colors Castano, Cremo, and Nuvola, this paver works great for any contemporary-styled patio. The non-slip, stain-resistant surface also makes it a great material for pool decks and outdoor kitchens and works well as a border paver.

The texture of the pavers should match the architectural style of your home and the aesthetics of the hardscape. The texture should also complement other hardscape elements in your outdoor space, such as water and fire features, walls and verticals. To achieve cohesion, either match the texture or create a contrast between smooth and coarse. A great way to attain a contrast is to incorporate accent pavers or borders that will help the softscape stand out, therefore complementing the look of the patio.

The title image features a pool deck paved with Richcliff, complemented by a Courstone border.


Enchanting Walkways with Thornbury

Thornbury pavers are durable and come in different forms, shapes, sizes, and colors and can be easily customized to the style of your home. Their modestly textured surface gives them a pleasant, random look that is ideal for walkways. One of the best things about Thornbury pavers is that they are part of the Unilock Permeable Products line that helps direct rainfall away from stormwater drains and back into the natural ecosystem. This paver is available in three earthy colors, Almond Grove, Bavarian, and Sierra, as well as the cool tones of the New York Blend.

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Deciding on the Right Concrete Pavers for your Ridgefield, CT, Hardscape