Creating a Perfect Curved Walkway in Spring Lake Heights, NJ

Creating a Perfect Curved Walkway in Spring Lake Heights, NJ


Walkways are an important organizational element of the landscape, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used to transform the aesthetic value of the home. With Unilock pavers, and a little creativity, you can create the perfect curved walkway for your Spring Lake Heights, NJ, home.


Umbriano for the Natural Look of Granite

For a walkway that draws the eye, consider incorporating Umbriano pavers. This paver offers the natural look of granite, and a practical and attractive option for decorative walkways. With an enticing collection of colors to choose from, Umbriano is the perfect pick for arched walkways with a modern, contemporary feel. For homeowners who want to create a walkway that will reinforce property lines and boost the aesthetic appeal of the landscape, there are no creative limits with Umbriano pavers. Umbriano gives both homeowners and landscape contractors freedom to get creative with the paver’s shape, size and laying patterns. Umbriano blends well with green lawns and vegetation because of its unique surface that offers the authentic appearance of natural granite.


Classic Aesthetics with Richcliff

A welcoming residential property deserves a curved walkway that creates an enjoyable experience for visitors. Classic, traditional and formal landscape themes can be greatly enhanced by a meandering, curved walkway. The timeless elegance of Richcliff is perfect for homeowners looking to create a walkway with rich natural appeal and gentle curves. This paver offers a surface texture that recreates the classic look of natural stone, adding an abundance of character to the landscape. Available in earthy tones, such as Pebble Taupe, and cooler shades like Smoke Shale and Dawn Mist, this paver can be used to form a graceful, eye-catching design. A Richcliff walkway is an excellent opportunity to connect a large number of features. Illuminate the curves of your Richcliff walkway to accentuate the route and highlight the rich texture that this paver has to offer.


Sweeping Curves with Series

A Series walkway can be the centerpiece of an outdoor area. For smaller yards, a curved walkway will create the illusion of a larger outdoor space, without overwhelming the overall landscape design. Series is a sophisticated paver and forms part of the EnduraColor Plus line. These pavers offer a high-performance surface and deep color options, making them an excellent option for residential and commercial walkways. Series charms with its aesthetically pleasing color palette: deep Mocha Brown, Black Granite and the neutral Peppered Granite.

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Copthorne Pavers with Brussels Block Border

Add a burst of warm color to your walkway with Copthorne pavers. The lovely warm shades will provide an inviting welcome and an enjoyable journey to your front door. To highlight the route, consider adding a Brussels Block border to your Copthorne walkway. Brussels Block offers a natural appearance that is ideal for adding to a relaxed, traditional aesthetic. The soft blended colors and tumbled surface texture give this paver its historic look and feel. The variety of earthy tones in which this paver is available make it perfect for adding a natural touch. A contrasting border of Brussels Block in Sandstone will help to define the outline of your curved walkway.

The title image features a Copthorne walkway with Sandstone Brussels Block border.


Creating a Perfect Curved Walkway in Spring Lake Heights, NJ