Create an Inviting Home Entrance with Natural Stone Steps in Medford Lakes, NJ

Create an Inviting Home Entrance with Natural Stone Steps in Medford Lakes, NJ


First impressions are important, so make sure your visitors remember your home by sending the right message with your front entrance and steps. Natural stone steps are among the most durable hardscaping elements and can stand up to environmental conditions while still maintaining their originality. Make the most out of your Medford Lakes, NJ, project with high-quality Unilock natural stone.


Front Entrance Elegance with Unilock Limestone

To make a powerful impact with your front entrance, choose Limestone in Black River. The dark surface of this stone ensures a sophisticated and refined look that translates into elegance with a touch of formality. This shade is ideal if you want to achieve an appearance with depth that will make a notable impression on your visitors. Limestone is also available in two more gray tones, Hearthstone and Winter Mist, making it incredibly versatile. Incorporate the shades Hearthstone and Winter Mist into a variety of aesthetic themes and highlight their luxury with brightly-colored details and greenery. Premium Quality Limestone by Unilock offers predominantly cool shades, so adding a little bit of visual warmth, or pairing Limestone steps with warm existing elements, such as red brick or Copthorne pavers, will add an even richer contrast. Unilock Limestone is also available in various coping units. Limestone coping showcases a smooth finish, perfect for contemporary front yard designs, as their minimalist, sleek textures make them an ideal candidate. If pillars or low walls surround your front entrance, consider incorporating Limestone Pillar Caps, and Fullnose Coping to create a casual seating area that will complement the aesthetics of the steps.

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An Inviting Touch with Unilock Sandstone

Unilock Sandstone is ideal for creating warm and welcoming front steps. The rich color and stunning surface textures of Unilock Sandstone complement different styles and designs, from chic modern and contemporary to traditional and rustic. Sandstone in Indian Coast works well with distressed wood – a stylish combination that will beautify any front entrance. Metal elements and formal geometric lines and details will add a modern look to a Sandstone front entrance. A Sandstone staircase leading up to a front porch of the same will highlight the architecture of your home and bring out the surrounding colors. The bright, warm Autumn Harvest color variation bears subtle earthy undertones and makes an excellent candidate for front entrance steps. Add subtle lighting to make the detail of the stone stand out and enhance the visual appeal of the front yard in the evening. As well as the vibrant, earthy shades of Autumn Harvest and Indian Coast, Unilock Sandstone is available in the muted gray color variation of Stone Cliff Grey, which creates an atmosphere of style and luxury.


High-Quality Natural Stone

The Unilock dedication to bringing the best of the best to the customer has resulted in an impressive range of Premium Quality Natural Stone from Europe and Asia. Both Limestone and Sandstone feature low-water absorption, excellent freeze-thaw durability and flexural strength. Both types of natural stone are precisely cut and calibrated, and their natural beauty is enhanced with a variety of surface treatments. Perfect for steps, as well as borders and accents, and available in a variety of different coping options, Unilock Natural Stone amazes with its beauty, strength, and durability. To extend the longevity and durability of your natural stone front entrance and maintain its beautiful appearance, consider the specialized cleaner and sealer products by Unilock UniCare.

The title image features Unilock Limestone steps in the Black River color option.


Create an Inviting Home Entrance with Natural Stone Steps in Medford Lakes, NJ