Manorial Courtyard in Wesley Hills, NY Utilizes Unilock Permeable Concrete Pavers for Great-Looking Sustainable Design




The design for this sprawling three-acre blank canvas was put together by Robin Key Landscape Architecture Studio of New York. Plans included large-scale renovation and construction with features including a spectacular new pool with overlooking pool house for use by guests as additional accommodation as well as poolside entertainment. Retaining walls were included in the design to provide much needed structure and division for this rambling piece of land, along with cultured gardens, and straight and curved paved walkways to connect the distant spaces.

Perhaps the most impressive feature – and certainly the one that brings the entire design together – is the manorial courtyard that greets guests at the end of a long driveway leading up to the main building. The courtyard serves to connect the main entrance of the building, garages, additional parking bays and a walkway onto the grounds, while creating an impression of absolute luxury and a sense of scale perfectly befitting the spacious surrounds.



The sheer scale of the courtyard, as well as the area’s stormwater management requirements and coverage limitations, made this 5,000 square foot feature particularly challenging. The already substantial ground coverage provided by the pool, guest house, patio and walkways alone were pressing close to town limitations. However, Unilock Eco-Priora provided resolution to this challenge by offering full permeability, while a drainage and retention system was specially engineered for beneath the courtyard pavers. The system required over 500 cubic yards of ¾” crushed stone base for the retention for storm water, but ultimately all town requirements were met.

Unilock Eco-Priora permeable pavers and Unilock Thornbury pavers were used in conjunction with one another for the paving of the courtyard, additional patios, walkways and poolside surrounds. This served the practical purpose of reducing impermeable surface covering, but also provided aesthetic richness and contrast. The warm coloring and fine detail provided by the Eco-Priora pavers and their visually rich herringbone laying pattern, add the perfect counterpoint to the larger Thornbury pavers with their deeper, bolder textures and rustic yet elegant finish. Thornbury’s New York Blend color option provides a neutral shade that further enhances the warmth of Eco-Priora and surrounding landscape.


Project Credits:

Unilock Authorized Contractor: 

Hewitt Landscaping Inc.
18 Broad St
Norwood, NJ
(201) 767-3653

Other Professionals Involved: 

Robin Key Landscape Architecture Studio
New York, NY
(212) 229-2534