Concrete Pavers for Suffolk and Nassau County on Long Island


Picking out a material for your Long Island hardscape design is no mean feat. With so many options available, it’s difficult to know what option to go with for a longstanding solution. Low grade products can ruin a home’s aesthetic. Poured concrete can be bleak and will inevitably crack, while natural stone provides charm and richness, but can become pitted, cracked or otherwise damaged over time depending on the stone. Concrete pavers on the other hand are designed to withstand incredible weight, heavy traffic and weathering of any kind. Visually, concrete pavers capture the essence of natural stone without any of the inherent weakness. Here are just a few reasons you might want to consider getting the best of both worlds with concrete pavers.


Personalize your property

The extensive variety of concrete pavers offered by Unilock provides an even greater range of outdoor design possibilities. Transform your functional patio into an exhibition of your artistic flair by selecting concrete pavers that match or contrast your outdoor furniture choices. Town Hall pavers, for example, are beautifully paired with romantic wrought iron furniture or comfortable wicker chairs for an antique, European look. The eight diverse color options of this paver allow you to customize your outdoor spaces to perfectly match your style.


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Natural appeal

Concrete pavers offer a virtually indistinguishable substitute for natural stone such as granite and sandstone among other. In addition, Unilock’s concrete pavers offer a vast array of shades and color options. With advanced coloring and texturing technology, Unilock pavers offer the authentic look and feel of natural stone with none of the drawbacks. Stringent quality control ensures that each paver is sound, possessing none of the inherent weaknesses of natural stone. Lasting color, extreme durability, high load carrying capacity and imperviousness to weather damage are just some of the advantages you can expect from Unilock’s concrete pavers.


Locked in color, locked in place

Unilock’ EnduraColor Plus product line utilizes a blend of high-performing natural stone and UV-resistant color pigments that will not fade. This technology creates exceptionally durable concrete pavers in unique shades and textures. Small cobblestones, such as Unilock’s Courtstone pavers, are excellent candidates for driveways because of their greater flexibility than large poured concrete slabs. Arranging pavers in an interlocking pattern further increases surface strength, preventing pavers from moving out of place when subjected to heavy traffic and allowing them to mold to the natural shifting of the ground beneath them. Precision craftsmanship ensures that while each surface remains unique, down below Unilock pavers lock together perfectly.


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Enjoy easy maintenance

With a non-porous, stain-resistant surface, cleaning is a breeze. A simple occasional spray down is all that’s required to keep your patio looking incredible. Along with their easy cleaning, concrete pavers also require little to no maintenance in order to last a lifetime.


Winter hardiness

The approach of winter is usually associated with various maintenance and preparation routines to prevent damage caused by impending below-freezing temperatures. Because concrete pavers are immune to the rigors of the freeze/thaw cycle, you can rest assured that that your patio floor or driveway will require no preparation and no post-winter maintenance.


Concrete Pavers for Suffolk and Nassau County on Long Island NY