Concrete Pavers for Outdoor Living Spaces that Resemble Indoor Rooms in Smithtown, NY

Concrete Pavers for Outdoor Living Spaces that Resemble Indoor Rooms in Smithtown, NY


More people are extending their living spaces to the outdoors. And they want the same amenities and looks in the outdoors as they have indoors. As you look into doing the same with your property, consider which concrete pavers would be best for your own Smithtown, NY, outdoor living space.


Dividing the Landscape into Rooms

Landscapes that rely on a simple patio for outdoor entertaining and relaxing are no longer in favor. Today’s homeowners are embracing the delights of creating multi-faceted, multi-purpose outdoor rooms. This allows for greater versatility, as individual family members can do their own thing in relative privacy—unlike in the shared space of a simple rectangular patio. 


These modern outdoor rooms include a full outdoor kitchen, dining area, comfortable lounge area (often featuring an outdoor fireplace or fire pit), and even specialized areas like sunken conversation pits or meditation nooks.


The Visual Effect of Different Concrete Pavers

Like the principles of interior design, you can set up the best look across your outdoor spaces if you opt for a unifying theme. In outdoor living design, the easiest way to do this is through the use of pavers. Pavers are incredibly versatile building materials. Not only do they make for practical and beautiful surfaces you will enjoy for decades, they can be used for practical expression—much the same way homeowners use area rugs to define an indoor space or use different materials (like hardwood to tile) to show where a room begins and ends inside an open-concept home.


Contrasting pavers can be used to have a similar effect as an area rugs, to serve as an extended floor-level hearth, and to guide traffic from one space to another much like a path guides you through the landscape.


For example, you can use one paver—such as Thornbury Smooth from Unilock—as a unifying theme throughout each outdoor “room” and highlight individual activity areas using a contrasting paver such as Unilock Town Hall to create borders, accents, or even “area rug” inlays. This combination of a subtle flagstone paver and a richly hued brick-style paver makes for a casual yet elegant outdoor living space that works exceptionally well with traditional homes.


For modern homes, you can take the same approach of mixing pavers to define spaces. Pavers with dramatic textures can be used to define specific areas and add visual interest. Keeping the colors monochromatic and focusing on creating textural contrast will keep the space fresh and modern, and prevent it from being too busy while providing space definition.


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When Simpler Is Better

If your home uses one flooring material throughout—for example, hardwood—you may feel that there is no reason to get fancy with borders or add complexity to your outdoor living design. Beacon Hill Flagstone from Unilock is a popular choice for homeowners who want a truly unified, simple, yet richly textured aesthetic across all of their outdoor rooms. This paver has a slightly more pronounced texture than Thornbury pavers (which are also inspired by flagstone). The texture provides visual interest across all corners of your hardscapes, without the need for embellishment. 


To keep things simple in a larger space, you can divide individual outdoor rooms using seating walls; and for smaller spaces, you can use subtle borders that don’t detract from the simplicity of the design yet give people a clear indication what a particular “room” is designed for.


Taking the same approach in your exterior design as you do in your interior design will give you an outdoor living space that feels familiar and comfortable, and authentically represents who you are. For design ideas, download the Unilock Design Idea Catalog or consult with a local Unilock Authorized Contractor. Whichever paver combination you choose, you can transform ordinary outdoor spaces into something beautiful and practical—outdoor areas that feel as cozy and welcoming as any room in your home.


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The title image features Thornbury patio pavers.


Concrete Pavers for Outdoor Living Spaces that Resemble Indoor Rooms in Smithtown, NY