Concrete Paver Options for Refined Outdoor Kitchens in Collegeville, PA

Concrete Paver Options for Refined Outdoor Kitchens in Collegeville, PA
The title image features Brussels Block pavers, Copthorne accents, and Brussels Dimensional System.


Beautiful summer weather calls for weekend cookouts and bringing friends and family together for great conversation and fun times. Fantasize about those great times as you consider choosing the right pavers for your outdoor kitchen. The right choice is important for this stylish yet high-traffic, heavy-use area. Here are the best concrete paver options for refined outdoor kitchens in Collegeville, PA.


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Umbriano Pavers

Umbriano pavers from Unilock help to create perfect, high-end modern outdoor kitchens. They pair perfectly with kitchens with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Not only does Umbriano give you the timeless look of granite thanks to a random dispersion of granite particles in each paver, but EasyClean Stain Resistance makes cleanup as simple as wiping up a spill. The smooth yet non-slip finish makes for a safe and stylish kitchen that holds up to the most demanding conditions. Umbriano pavers are available in six colors that will match your home’s aesthetic and highlight the beauty of your outdoor kitchen.


Senzo Pavers

If you love a high-tech industrial look, look no further than Senzo pavers from Unilock. The alternating dark-to-light shading on these pavers create a one-of-a-kind look that is a true showstopper. Choose from Castano (chestnut), Cremo (buff) or Nuvola (a dramatic gray/black) and enjoy the lasting color of EnduraColor, the low maintenance of EasyClean Stain Resistance, and slip resistance. 


Artline Pavers

Unilock Artline pavers give your outdoor kitchen a fresh modern look thanks to random bundles of seven different rectangular shapes, of varying lengths and two widths. Featuring EasyClean Stain Resistance and EnduraColor, these pavers deliver the looks, durability, and practicality you need in the heart of your outdoor kitchen and living spaces.


Copthorne Pavers

For a warm and welcoming traditional look, classic brick-like Unilock Copthorne pavers deliver on timeless beauty along with the durability you need in an outdoor kitchen. Copthorne pavers are cast with Reala Technology, which uses real European street pavers to give these pavers an authentic look. Ultima Concrete Technology makes these pavers virtually indestructible. Available in three wonderful shades of warm reds to perfectly complement your home, Copthorne pavers also come in two modern colors that bring a new level of sophistication to outdoor living: Basalt and Steel Blue.


Richcliff Pavers

Unilock Richcliff pavers are one of the most popular flagstone-textured pavers available. Their distinctive flagstone textures are cast using Reala Technology, which completely eliminates the “stamped” or repetitive look of lesser-quality flagstone-style pavers. Richcliff pavers are available in three rich colors that can be used as is or blended on site for a unique look. These versatile pavers are equally at home in traditional, rustic, suburban, or modern homes, patios, pool decks, and even driveways.


Choosing the right paver for your outdoor kitchen is a big decision. To see these and other Unilock concrete pavers “in action,” browse our free Unilock Design Catalog or consult with your local Unilock Authorized Contractor, who can help you choose the perfect paver for your design aesthetic and personal preferences. With Unilock, you are assured exceptional quality and long-lasting beauty with the pavers you choose for your outdoor kitchen flooring. The result will be a gorgeous outdoor kitchen that’s built to the highest standards by a Unilock Authorized Contractor.


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Concrete Paver Options for Refined Outdoor Kitchens in Collegeville, PA