Clever Side Yard Landscape Design Ideas for Making the Most Out of Your Farmington Hills, MI, Outdoor Space

Clever Side Yard Landscape Design Ideas for Making the Most Out of Your Farmington Hills, MI, Outdoor Space


If your Farmington Hills, MI, side yard is simply the place used to store the garden hose, you are not getting the most out of your outdoor space. Even though the side yard offers some of the shadiest space in the yard, a most welcome addition on those hot Michigan summer days, the side yard is typically also the most underutilized space in the yard. To get the most out of your landscape, take a look at these clever side yard landscape design ideas!



Because it is necessary to cross from the side yard to get to either the front or back yard, why not make the side yard a useful and interesting route to take? A walkway is a great way to liven up the side yard and save the space from developing its own worn trail through the grass. Because side yards are typically shady, often grass will not thrive there. A concrete paver walkway, using vibrant textures such as those offered by the Il Campo paver, or light colors, such as Tribeca Cobble in Peppered Granite, is a great way to bring light to the shady space and create an uplifting and functional side yard. A side yard walkway that includes a few deliberate curves is a great way to create a more interesting, even whimsical feel, and creates the illusion of more space. Paired with retaining wall planters, or some shade loving plants to frame the walkway, walking through your side yard will become an experience.

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Side Yard Patio and Retaining Walls

For a secluded place to get a break from the sun, consider creating a side yard patio. With the help of Unilock pavers, your side yard can transform into a hidden and shaded oasis. The sky’s really the limit with side yard patio options. Incorporating a Unilock wall system can really help give the space new shape and help to create a space for other transformative features. A retaining wall with planters, or a low seating wall, is a great way to introduce color, lighting, and can also provide privacy from neighbors. A Unilock wall that gives the appearance of natural stone, such as Rivercrest Wall, is a perfect match for lush green planters. For those with a winding walkway, the Pisa2 boasts the ability to easily create curved walls, and is, therefore, a great choice as a border for a walkway. In any case, the addition of a Unilock wall will help to create a side yard space that feels separate and uniquely its own.


Lighting and Water Features

Both lighting and water features help to create a more welcoming space. Lighting is a great feature to add along the side yard walkway to help guide guests and ensure visibility so everyone stays safe. Lighting can even be built into a retaining wall or seating wall. If you are creating a patio in the side yard, outdoor lighting can be added to help create the right mood. Water features are also a great way to bring vibrancy and interest to your side yard. For a truly impressive side yard, a water feature can be built into a retaining wall. This, paired with a lush retaining wall planter will really create a side yard oasis.

The title image features a Pisa2 wall with planter.


Clever Side Yard Landscape Design Ideas for Making the Most Out of Your Farmington Hills, MI, Outdoor Space