Choosing Pavers for your Stepping Stone Path in Wayne, NJ

Choosing Pavers for your Stepping Stone Path in Wayne, NJ


A beautiful stepping stone path enriches the landscape but also plays an important role in leading visitors to the most beautiful places of your Wayne, NJ yard. Choose a paver for your stepping stone path that will create structure, add elegance and give your property a distinct appeal. Get inspired with this list of Unilock pavers that will give your landscape the wow factor.


Sophisticated Simplicity with Umbriano

Many homeowners prefer a sophisticated look for their stepping stone path – a path that can be an extension of the house and enrich its architecture with texture and color. Umbriano pavers offer just the right amount of class and modernity to transform your backyard into an incredible outdoor space. The unique mottled surface of this paver resembles the appearance of natural granite. Symmetry and structure make for a neat and tidy look, but with Umbriano, you can get creative with a variety of shapes and sizes. You might even opt for a whimsical mix of 24”X24”, 12”X24” 16”X16” and 8”X16” units for your stepping stone path.

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Bring Harmony to Your Backyard with Natural Stone

Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone comes in various shapes and sizes, perfect for recreating the traditional stepping stone look with a strong modern influence. A natural stone pathway is a great way to ensure that the lawn stays lush and green, protected from the wear of foot traffic, while letting visitors enjoy the outdoor areas that you have created. Because of its versatility, Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone can be used to create an arrangement that fits your preferences. Large Limestone pavers by Unilock, for example, can be used to create a simple pathway around the house, or you can combine various stone slabs for an eye-catching geometric stepping stone walkway. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone features low water absorption, great freeze-thaw durability, and flexural strength. With Unilock Limestone, you can rest assured that you are getting a precisely cut and calibrated natural stone, whose natural beauty is enhanced with a variety of surface treatments. Limestone comes in three different colors, Black River, Hearthstone and Winter Mist, all rich and varying shades that will leave an impression of modern sophistication.


Perfect Classic Stepping Stone Pathway with Richcliff

Square and rectangular stepping stones are perfect for an outdoor feature that guides people through the yard and adds a unique touch of style. Richcliff offers a modern, natural look that never fails to add a touch of class to a landscape. Richcliff is ideal for both walkway and patio projects. Richcliff provides a rich surface texture that has been cast from hundreds of natural stone pieces, and thanks to the Ultima technology, is up to four times the strength of poured concrete. A new addition to this paver’s range of shapes and sizes is the large rectangle shape in the 20.75″ X 11.875″ X 2.375″ (52.8 CM X 30.2 CM X 6 CM) size option, ideal for a stepping stone pathway that will make a statement in your yard. Available in an eye-catching color palette, Richcliff will bring charm to your landscape.

The title image features an Umbriano paver pool patio and stepping stone path.


Choosing Pavers for your Stepping Stone Path in Wayne, NJ