Choosing Jointing Material That Complements Your Concrete Pavers in Easley, SC

Choosing Jointing Material That Complements Your Concrete Pavers in Easley, SC
The title image features Thornbury permeable pavers.
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Small details like jointing compound color can completely change the look of any masonry feature in your landscape. Here are some tips on choosing jointing material that will complement your concrete pavers in Easley, SC.


If you’ve ever seen light tan sandstone with dark gray jointing compound, for example, you know how “off” it feels even if you can’t explain why. That same sandstone surface with light-colored jointing compound, however, may amazing to your eyes, and that same surface with mid-tone gray sand can bring out the texture of the individual pavers.


That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with contrast. Contrast may be exactly what you want. It can look stunning and create visual interest at the level that same-colored jointing compound cannot achieve. For example, you may have been struck by how highly textured and dramatic a herringbone-patterned driveway looks with light-colored jointing compound, while that same pattern looks more unified and subtle with dark jointing compound.


Making a Choice on Jointing Material

Jointing compound from Unilock (which is a polymeric sand designed to harden into an extremely durable compound when mixed with water) is available in three colors: black, gray, and tan. So which one should you choose?


The choice of jointing compound color ultimately depends on personal preference.

The Unilock Products Page features a handy tool for experimenting with various jointing compound combinations with pavers and wall units; just click on the paver or wall unit you like, and toward the bottom of the page you’ll see an option to experiment with sand colors. 


Tips on When to Use Light (Tan) Jointing Compound

Use light-colored sand with darker pavers if you want to create texture and want to avoid a “paved” look in your hardscape. This technique works well with brick-style pavers such as Copthorne, Mattoni, or Town Hall. Using light sand with Courtstone adds drama to driveways or walkways. 


Use light-colored sand with light-colored pavers for a cleaner look. Dark sand can look dirty when paired with light pavers.

Tips on When to Use Dark (Black) Jointing Compound

Use dark-colored sand with dark pavers for a unified look. This approach favors sophistication and clean lines, and minimizes visual distraction. Beautiful examples include Unilock Natural Stone Limestone in Black River paired with black jointing compound, or Artline pavers in French Grey with black jointing compound. 


You can also use black jointing compound with pavers with variegated colors, such as Umbriano in Winter Marvel, to highlight the dark tones.


Tips on When to Use Mid-Tone Gray Jointing Compound

If you choose a paver or wall unit that has varied colors—or if you choose to blend several colors for a more character-filled surface—then be sure to experiment with various jointing compound colors. Each tone will pick up its complement in the pavers: dark compound will highlight darker pavers, light compound will pick up lighter colors, and mid-tone compound will most often offer the most pleasing look where none of the colors dominate but rather work together as a whole. 


A perfect example of this strategy is featured on the Richcliff paver page. Scroll down to where you can see the different types of jointing compound alongside Richcliff pavers in the Dawn Mist/Pebble Taupe combination (two colors blended on site).


If you want to tone down the contrast within a multi-colored paver such as Tribeca Cobble, you could opt for a gray jointing compound.


Texture can be enhanced or made more subtle by choosing the right color jointing compound. Small pavers have more joint lines and therefore the hardscape will be more textured, even if the pavers are smooth. To minimize texture when using brick pavers or flagstone-textured pavers like Beacon Hill Flagstone, use gray jointing compound. 


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Choosing Jointing Material That Complements Your Concrete Pavers in Easley, SC