Choose Among These 4 Walkway Pavers to Elongate Your Ashland, VA, Walkway

Choose Among These 4 Walkway Pavers to Elongate Your Ashland, VA, Walkway


There’s something delightfully sensuous about a long curving walkway that meanders gently through the landscape and piques curiosity about what’s around the corner. Not all walkways have the option of taking visitors on a journey, but you can elongate the look of even a short walkway by using the right pavers. Here are four walkway pavers to choose from for elongating your walkway in Ashland, VA.


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First, consider your laying pattern options. To successfully make a walkway feel longer and to make curved walkways feel natural, the laying pattern requires attention. One answer is to simply orient pavers in the direction of travel to make the walkway feel narrower and longer. A simple running bond pattern or herringbone pattern (oriented with the arrows pointing in the direction of travel) are two ways to use rectangular pavers to elongate a walkway and make it visually interesting. 

For an elongated look, avoid laying pavers perpendicular to the direction of traffic. Your search for the right walkway paver could focus on pavers that feature beautiful textures, to give users of the walkway rich details to admire as they make their way through. Slip resistance and gorgeous colors could further extend their enjoyment and admiration of this hardscape feature, even if it is indeed short in length.



Copthorne pavers from Unilock will give your walkway a timeless appeal inspired by historic European clay brick street pavers. Their slender profile makes these pavers fit right in with a traditional architectural style. Reala Technology gives Copthorne pavers an authentic polished, timeworn surface appearance. Five luxurious colors match any decor, and Ultima Concrete Technology delivers four times the strength of poured concrete. 



Mattoni from Unilock puts a modern spin on classic Roman brick pavers. These long, slender pavers feature an antiqued, distressed finish that is filled with character. Available in Chocolate, Dark Charcoal, and Sable Blend, these pavers create visually rich walkways, especially when laid in a herringbone pattern. EnduraColor Facemix Technology ensures that the colors won’t fade on these versatile pavers that are strong enough for pedestrian and vehicular applications.  


Town Hall

Town Hall pavers from Unilock feature more substantial proportions than Copthorne or Mattoni. Inspired by historic North American clay street pavers, these versatile pavers can also be used for driveways or any pedestrian application. Due to their larger size, Town Hall pavers work best laid in a herringbone pattern in narrower applications like walkways. Available in four solid colors (Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, Old Oak and Basalt, as well as two stunning blended colors, Heritage Clay and Heritage Red), these pavers complement any architectural style. To ensure a natural appearance, Town Hall paver textures were cast from a multitude of authentic clay pavers using Reala Technology, and Ultima Concrete Technology creates superior durability. The result is vintage, streetscape charm that brings a traditional touch to your walkway.



The largest among these rectangular pavers, the granite look of Unilock Umbriano pavers give your walkway a sophisticated modern appearance. The two sizes that likely work best to elongate a walkway are the 8”x16” and 12”24” sizes, which look nice laid in a simple running bond and using jointing compound that minimizes joint lines. Umbriano pavers are available in six gorgeous colors. ColorFusion Technology uses granite and quartz chips to give these pavers a natural granite-like appearance, and EnduraColor Facemix Technology ensures lasting color. Best of all, Umbriano pavers feature EasyClean Stain Resistance that makes maintenance a breeze.


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The title image features Town Hall walkway pavers in Heritage 3 Color Blend.


Choose Among These 4 Walkway Pavers to Elongate Your Ashland, VA, Walkway