Check Out These Units for Retaining Walls with a Natural Stone Aesthetic in Somers, NY


Retaining walls define the structure of your Somers, NY, residence, and when built with an attractive wall unit, can create a visual high point of your landscape. Aside from their unbeatable durability, attractive design that resembles the beauty of natural stone, and simple installation process, Unilock retaining wall units will transform your sloped landscape into useable space for planting greenery or outdoor living. Here are some of the best options in Somers, NY:


Rivercrest Wall

The exceptional beauty of natural stone will make this retaining wall unit a centerpiece in your landscape design. This wall unit is perfect for building retaining walls whose character will leave a strong statement in your outdoor space, while at the same time contributing to stunning natural views. Rivercrest Wall resembles the look of stacked flagstone, a material commonly used in the past for building small garden walls and pillars. Manufactured using the Reala Surface Technology, Rivercrest Wall’s ultra-realistic texture is cast from actual flagstone.

The wall unit features a wide range of shapes and sizes which make it a versatile building material, suitable for both simple and more complicated retaining wall structures. Available in two colors, Coastal Slate and Buff, Rivercrest Wall won’t fail to impress with its neutral tones that leave space for dramatic banding options.

One of the most important aspects of building a retaining wall is the structural integrity. Unilock wall units are some of the most durable products on market, they have been tested for their strength and proven as a reliable option time and time again. Natural stone products tend to be more expensive and less durable than concrete. With Rivercrest Wall, you get both the durability of concrete and the look of natural stone without the price.

The title image features a system of tiered retaining walls built with Rivercrest Wall, topped with Ledgestone coping.


Brussels Dimensional System

If you are looking for a versatile product that guarantees the stability and natural appearance of your retaining wall, Brussels Dimensional System is another excellent option for you. Known as the most flexible concrete landscape product in North America, this system offers multi-sized tapered components, a broad palette of vivid, memorable colors, and a weathered surface texture that helps create cohesion with a natural setting.

Depending on the style of your outdoor space, this wall unit will make a great addition to both traditional and rustic themed spaces. If you are aiming for a bolder look, go for richer tones, such as Almond Grove, Coffee Creek, Sierra, and Terra Cotta. Cooler colors such as Limestone and New York Blend are great for banding, especially when using the neutral Sandstone as a main color for the retaining wall. Neutral colors tend to create openness in the outdoor space and cooler shades can be used to give the element a more dramatic appearance. Complete your retaining wall with Brussels Fullnose coping which provides a perfect finish with its smooth, rounded edges.



For beautifully crafted curves, RomanWall offers a split and weathered surface. With this wall unit, you can easily design a retaining wall that gives the impression that it has been there for decades. Because of its rugged, Old World look, any wall built with this wall unit will blend with the natural beauty of your landscape, highlighting the surrounding greenery.

The extensive choice of shapes and sizes together with the three colors available; Almond Grove, Granite, and Sierra, give you the creative freedom of building a retaining wall with your own personal touch.


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Check Out These Units for Retaining Walls with a Natural Stone Aesthetic in Somers, NY