Carve Out Your Outdoor Spaces with These Jaw Dropping Retaining Walls For Your Toms River, NJ Home


Undoubtedly, you want to add some character to your Toms River, NJ property. Once the inside has been handled and you’re feeling settled there, you’ll probably find yourself wondering if the outside could use a boost. If this is the case, consider a retaining wall system to add dimension and character. Options for constructing retaining walls are offered in a number of versatile designs by Unilock. They have the unique ability to either elevate your backyard from a fairly standard flat piece of land to a sprawling, palatial courtyard or, if you’re in the mood for something a tad more muted, they can blend into the background and give your landscape the hint of natural stone to tie together your design.


Estate Wall

Among the former, Unilock is ready to offer you a number choices. For starters, one can’t help but be drawn to Unilock Estate Wall. The natural rock appearance lends this design a regality suited to your upscale backyard landscape. Particularly effective when coupled with an in-ground pool and outdoor patio area with potted plants, the Unilock Estate Wall comes in several different varieties, including Almond Grove, Granite, Sierra and Walnut.


Brussels Dimensional System

In a similar vein is Brussels Dimensional System. For a more polished look, the Brussels Dimensional System design was created with a multifaceted approach in mind. Specifically, it is well-suited for curved walls, fireplaces and, should you so desire, kitchen islands. This makes it a great option if you’re in the habit of entertaining guests. They will no doubt be impressed by the carefully curated look. And curated it shall be, as Brussels Dimensional System comes with the option of choosing from several varieties including Almond Grove, Coffee Creek, Limestone, New York Blend, Sandstone, Sierra and, of course, Terra Cotta.



For a quite, rugged strength, Unilock offers a number of options, including RomanWall. This design is ideal for displaying your well-manicured green space and water features. It is muted enough to allow for your flora to stand out on its own, yet still manages to add color to your landscape. Additionally, it is weathered to give your property a more lived-in look, and is offered in Almond Grove, Granite and Sierra.


Ledgestone Coping

To add the perfect finish to your retaining walls, consider Ledgestone Coping. Ledgestone offers a subtle, hand-carved look and three universally applicable colors – Buff, Grey and Blue. Ledgestone also offers a comfortable seating surface to allow your retaining walls to double as extra seating for your guests whenever you need it. Ledgestone works well with all of the above mentioned wall systems and is sure to add the extra element your retaining walls may need.


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These are just four options from Unilock, though it’s worth noting there are many more to choose from. With spring coming to a close and summer just around the corner, Toms River residents would be smart to make the move towards establishing their outdoor spaces now, particularly as those 80 degree days draw closer.


The title image features tiered retaining walls built from Unilock RomanWall in Almond Grove.


Carve Out Your Outdoor Spaces with These Jaw Dropping Retaining Walls For Your Toms River, NJ Home