Unilock Brussels Block Pavers Tie Together Gorgeous Yet Functional Outdoor Rooms in this Bedford Hills, NY Landscape


Joseph Bulfamante & Son Landscaping are the masters behind this piece of multi-leveled hardscape design and surrounding softscape. With so much dimension and depth, this patio creates an immersive outdoor living space that provides both spaciousness and intimacy by breaking up the area into smaller outdoor “rooms”.

Various methods are used to separate spaces of differing functions here, including the use of multiple levels and the creative interplay of bordering and banding. Emphasis is further brought to the height difference between levels with the use of gentle landscape lighting fitted into the base of the step. Additional ambient lighting has been placed in the form of decorative lamps adorning the pillars.

It’s worth noting that the pillars also have the effect of room dividers, particularly where they corner off the grill area. This serves as both an aesthetic and safety measure, limiting traffic to the area that may result in a kitchen mishap. The grill island features an ornate inlay flooring to create further visual separation, however it maintains unity with the use of bordering to help tie it in to the rest of the design. This patio also features two pergola’s that enclose their own intimate outdoor environment, with roll-down shade cloths and fabric roof-covering providing further privacy and protection from the sun and wind.



The motif that unifies this design is the strong black bordering, banding and inlay on the vertical elements. These were all created using the Unilock Series 3000 in the Black Granite color variation. The deep coloring here contrasts perfectly with the lighter, more neutral Brussels Block pavers used as the main surface covering and the Brussels Dimensional Stone used in the verticals.

While the neutrality of the pavers allows for a vast selection of matching furniture, the owners have opted for furniture of similar colors for the sake of uniformity and simplicity. Black iron chairs and table corresponding with the Black Granite Series 3000 banding, a patterned umbrella matching the decorative inlay of the grill space, and neutral colored chairs and table beneath the pergolas to match with the natural, subtle colors of Brussels Block pavers. This allows for bright accents to be contributed by flowering plants, the decorative lighting and the surrounding landscape.


Project Credits:

Unilock Authorized Contractor: 

Joseph Bulfamante & Son Landscaping
27 Bartels Place
New Rochelle, NY