Bring Warmth to the Pool Deck with Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit in White Plains, NY

Bring Warmth to the Pool Deck with Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit in White Plains, NY


An outdoor fire feature will not only keep you warm on chilly evenings, but is also bound to draw the eye, and will contribute a great deal to the visual impact of your White Plains, NY, poolside. Therefore, it is important to invest in a fire feature that will achieve the aesthetic and atmosphere that you desire for your landscape.


Pick the right place

Where you position your fire feature will determine its visual impact and the degree to which its warmth and ambience pervades your outdoor living space. Arranging your outdoor furniture in a semi-circle, facing the pool, with a fire pit in the center will enable you to appreciate both the pool and fire pit in equal measure. Imagine cozying up to the fire with friends and family, sundowner in hand, watching the setting sun reflect off the pool while low golden flames warm your cheeks. Alternatively, facing your outdoor furniture away from the pool to enclose a fire feature will help to distinguish the pool from the pool deck, should you require these two areas to offer different atmospheres.


Be savvy with shape and size

Fortunately, fire features can be designed to accommodate most custom shape or size requirements. Fire pits can be either circular or angular to suit the layout and aesthetic of a particular hardscape. Unilock offers a comprehensive range of pre-built fire pits that subscribe to both traditional and contemporary designs. Should your poolside offer little in the realm of open space, consider nestling a low rectangular fire table along the edge of the pool deck. This design is subtle yet effective, marking the edge of the pool deck in an eye-catching belt of flames. For this option, consider making use of the sleek and modern Lineo Dimensional Stone which is well-suited to contemporary designs and angular or geometric layouts.


Find fitting materials

The materials you incorporate into the body of your fireplace or fire pit will help to define its aesthetic and, as a result, the aesthetic of your hardscape. Unilock offers a variety of concrete pavers and wall units to suit any design theme. Brussels Dimensional System by Unilock, for example, is well-suited to inviting fire features cloaked in cozy ambience. These units bear a pleasant weathered finish and are available in rich, earthy colors like Sierra and Almond Grove.

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Fuse the fireplace and poolside

One point worth reiterating is the importance of matching one’s fire feature to the aesthetic theme one desires for the hardscape. A fireplace or fire pit that clashes with the rest of the pool deck can seem temporary and out of place. Take a look at your patio floor and select shades that can be echoed in your fire feature design. Once you establish a cohesive color palette, it may not be necessary to find materials of a similar texture and finish to that found throughout the rest of your hardscape. In fact, creating textural contrasts can add plenty of dimension and character to a hardscape, provided there are enough elements tying the different materials into a harmonious end product. Pairing a Brussels Dimensional System fire feature, topped using Ledgestone coping, with contemporary-style Artline and Umbriano pavers with Series accents, for example, can achieve a multifaceted yet cohesive design.

The title image features a Brussels Dimensional System fire feature, topped using Ledgestone coping, with Artline and Umbriano patio pavers, and Series accents.


Bring Warmth to the Pool Deck with Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit in White Plains, NY