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Pool Decks and Pavers. Always a Fantastic Design Choice.

Every year, I have the privilege of viewing some of the most stunning landscapes in Ontario, and by far, the most remarkable seem to be backyard landscapes with a pool. Contractors and homeowners are creating extraordinary pool-scapes utilizing Unilock pavers and retaining walls accented with natural soft elements and landscape lighting. Pool decks can be exciting and versatile with the right Unilock product for your project and proper installation techniques. You can now create that same type of dynamic design around your pool, that you would for the inside of your home, by combining different paver styles creating accents, borders, and inflecting your own personal style. Bring your inside style…out… so to speak. What’s in style today you ask? The introduction of some of our newest pavers such as Umbriano®, Copthorne®, Courtstone®, and Richcliff® has allowed both contractors and homeowners to truly bring the homeowners sense of style to the outdoors. Umbriano, created using a specialized process, gives you the ability to bring the look and feel of granite floors or countertops to your outdoor landscapes, while being slip-resistant and cost effective with unparalleled longevity. Combine your Umbriano with Copthorne or Courtstone, which have both been cast from actual ‘old-world’ European stones, and you can create a unique banding or carpet crafting that distinctive pool-scape you desire.

Many contractors and homeowners are choosing not to pour the typical 3 foot concrete apron and deciding to go right to the edge of the pool with pavers. A common choice is the Brussels Fullnose pool edger which allows a textured but smooth, rounded, pool edge that adds a beautiful edge detail to the pool while ensuring a smooth transition for all swimmers. Behind that pool edger is the perfect opportunity to add an accent band of pavers adding yet another element of style to you back yard.

Leading edge contractors are utilizing wall products to create vertical elements in their landscapes taking the design of your backyard pool-scape to another level altogether. This has been mostly a contractor driven challenge however it is not above any homeowner who wants to tackle this level of craftsmanship creating design elements of pillars, water features and waterfall type units that spill back into your pool. Whatever your taste, whatever your functional requirements, whatever your budget, there is a solution with Unilock pavers and retaining walls, and that solution can be uniquely your own!

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