Paver Rugs and Accents

In the last eight years, what used to be the paver patio business has evolved into creating functional yet decorative outdoor living spaces. Various elements of interior design have been increasingly incorporated into this trend, resulting in outdoor rooms.

Let’s stop and think. What basic questions do you ask yourself when designing an interior room? The first thing you look at is your space and what you are trying to accomplish. Is the room used as a gathering space or a quiet corner for relaxing? You then base your decisions on your personal preferences about colors, textures, fabrics, furnishings and décor. One of the most important aspects of any room is the flooring.  Consider the flooring you have in your kitchen, your living room or your entrance way. You probably have distinct flooring options that help define those particular spaces and their function within the home. Why do you have carpet, wood or rugs? These flooring decisions define the room.  Outdoor living spaces should be thought of in this manner with different areas of the space becoming rooms, all serving a distinct purpose.

So, like in a home where the flooring will change to re-create a feeling or define a function, so too can the pavers used within your outdoor room.

The term we hear most concerning this trend is paver rugs. What is a paver rug? A paving stone rug is a designed inset within the existing paver area. It is generally done in a complementary color and product. This is where the fun begins. It is time to personalize your outdoor room. Within the rug area different products with unique textures, stone like appearances, and bold colors are commonly used. Many times they will be laid in a different pattern to help define the area and add visual interest.

Many times, outdoor rooms have areas defined by vertical features as well, like seat walls, pillars, outdoor kitchens, water features, fire pits, and fireplaces. These features are great for helping you choose complementary products and colors as they should always have distinct accents.

Aside from aesthetics, paving stone carpets can be created for performance.  For example, in a grilling or dining area, stain-resistant pavers are a logical choice and make for easy cleaning. You could compliment that popular sunken fire pit or fireplace area with natural stone-like pavers that enhance that intimate outdoor feeling.

So, when designing an outdoor space, take it to the next level and add a personal touch. Don’t stop at just ordinary, create something extraordinary. Paving stone carpets are a great way to do that.