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How to Capitalize With 3D Landscape Design

The concept of 3D design is not as new as you may think. However, in the so called “mainstream” world the concept is almost unheard of. So why is it that a vast majority of people have not utilized or been enlightened by the 3D design technology that is available today? Yes, there are endless commercials that advertise 3D televisions, but we’re talking about the capability of designing landscapes with 3D models: the power of seeing a project long before it is complete. As a result of this prevailing technology, both homeowners and contractors everywhere are finally able to answer the question, “what will the design look like?” And this is all thanks to 3D design.

We are a company called Landscape Studio 7 (LS7) and we are one of few providers of this unique service. We are located in Massachusetts and are currently at the forefront of this up and coming trend. Each time we have a consultation with a client we always incorporate 3D design technology to help convey and illustrate our ideas.

So how does a typical consultation with one of our team member’s work? We start with meeting and talking with a client to find out how best to accommodate their needs and requests. Next, measurements and existing site photos are taken. In each model creating as much of the existing landscape ensures a more dramatic before and after image. Once a review takes place and any necessary changes are made with the client a presentation booklet and animation are prepared and ready for sharing. A seamless and well-executed process.

You may also be wondering, what are the advantages of the 3D landscape design technology we utilize daily? Here are a few:


  • See a concept and idea before it is built
  • Pick and choose material, colors and textures as seen in catalogues and change them on the fly
  • Using the internet to review the project design stages with your contractor
  • Quick turn around on your design

Unilock has provided many of product colors and textures in the 3D software making it possible for all of the models to be rendered showing their product. This is hugely beneficial for both the client and contractor, so that both can understand what colors and textures work best.

Take a look at a typical animation with 3D design:

If there are so many advantages and benefits, you are probably still asking the question, why are more people not using 3D design? Presumably for two main reasons; it is not well known and people correlate this service with being very expensive. Good news though, many more designers are adopting 3D landscape design as part of their services. With new cutting edge software 3D landscape design is cut into thirds making it less expensive to create 3D models.


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