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EnduraColor and EnduraColor Plus – The “Face” of Paving Stones

For about 19 years Unilock® has been making paving stones with a very unique paver surfacing process. This very tested and true feature of our Select™ Series of paving stones has been in such projects as Mel Lastman Square (Toronto, Ontario). The pavers installed there look as new today as they did when they were first installed 19 years ago. This year, Unilock has changed the way we market this great feature to be more descriptive of its actual benefit to you. It’s called EnduraColor™ and EnduraColor™ Plus.

Concrete Paving Stones have a very smooth and very thin paste on the top of the surface. This smooth surface like texture wears down with time exposing the whitish or greyish aggregates inside the concrete that help give the concrete strength and integrity, making the paving stone surface appear discolored or faded. EnduraColor and EnduraColor Plus paving stones by Unilock will not allow this natural property called “etching” to happen.

You see, first we start out by changing the concrete composition of the base of the stone in EnduraColor by adding larger aggregates. This gives us a stronger concrete formulation for the base of this paving stone. Then under several tons of vibrating pressure, we press in a high strength concrete mixture to the top 12% of the height of that stone, to give the best anti-wearing capabilities compared to any other concreted product. With EnduraColor Plus, we go a step further by adding or doing all sorts of beautiful things to our paving stones like:

  • Brush Texturizing the surface as we do with Il Campo® (image below) – giving it a richer deeper look and feel.



  • Adding specialized aggregates like Granite & Quartz chips as we do in Series 3000® (image below)- making the product glisten with the sun.



  • We can also add highly specialized chemicals to the surface like we do in Umbriano® (image below).

Insist on EnduraColor and EnduraColor Plus products to maintain that fresh new look of your family’s new gathering area.

Products with EnduraColor:


Products with Endura Color Plus:

Town Hall™
Series 3000®
Il Campo®