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You’ve worked hard to make your home a place of comfort and contentment. A Unilock driveway is the exclamation point to the pride you feel every time you come home.

Choosing the product that’s right for you

Choosing the right product for your driveway is an important decision. Driveways are subject to a lot of use and abuse by vehicles, people, equipment and chemicals such as de-icing salt. Unilock pavers are designed to outperform other paving surfaces such as asphalt, poured concrete and stamped concrete. Consider Unilock Select™ pavers for premium styles and textures that can repel dirt, oil and chewing gum.

Complement the design of your home

A Unilock driveway will enhance the curb appeal of your home and demonstrate your pride of ownership. As you consider the materials that you will use, try to replicate, augment or complement the architectural features of your home. A graceful flare at the street edge will allow cars to enter and exit with ease.

Accessorize and customize

Personalize your driveway by adding a border, accent or custom design! Unilock Select™ pavers are ideal for creating these types of applications. We even offer luminescent NighTec™ pavers which are visually appealing and practical for parking at night.

Consider an ecological solution

If a large portion of your lot is a hard surface or if it’s subject to periodic flooding, permeable pavers are now an option to help divert water back into the ground. Most Unilock permeable pavers look just like our regular pavers so you don’t have to compromise style! Keep in mind that specialized site preparation and installation techniques are required.

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