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Celebrate Earth Day with Permeable Pavers from Unilock!

Earth Day was first celebrated 43 years ago in 1970. Since then, many parts of the world continue to acknowledge April 22nd as the official day to recognize the need to sustain our environment by participating in programs, projects and forums. These initiatives all do a great job raising awareness of the need to protect Mother Nature, but also need to be practiced in our actions each day.

Unilock® has always recognized the need to help protect our environment by being the first to introduce permeable pavers and by continuing to advance permeable paving in North America. Permeable paving is vital for several reasons:

1. Help manage storm water runoff and reduce pressure on sewer infrastructure.
2. To make certain that ground water levels are restored and maintained.
3. To improve the quality of water runoff by allowing the natural filtration of pollutants before rainwater returns to streams and rivers.
4. To facilitate the harvesting of rain water for use in irrigation and other household uses.

Paver products such as Eco-Priora™ (picture below left) are designed with special spacer bars to result in a 7mm gap that is filled with clear, fine stone chips to allow rapid penetration of rainwater into the sub-base and subsoil. Similarly, Eco-Optiloc™ (picture below right) has an “L” shaped design that allows you to achieve a superior lock-up that creates small voids between the pavers, providing drainage into the sub-base and ultimately the water table. Both are an eco-friendly and design savvy solution for any residential or commercial installation.


With Unilock permeable pavers, you have the guaranteed quality of our stone and also the aesthetic beauty of an exclusive surface!

Happy Earth Day everyone!

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