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6 Landscape Designer Tips for Choosing Unilock Pavers

6 Landscape Designer Tips for Choosing Unilock Pavers

Unilock pavers come in such a wide range of styles that you’re sure to find one uniquely suited to the aesthetic you’re aiming to achieve with your hardscape. Whether it’s for your patio, walkways, driveway, pool deck, or all of the above, Unilock pavers are ideal. But which ones should you choose? Here are some landscape designer techniques for finding the perfect paver, or combination of pavers, for a particular project:

Match to Permanent Features

Matching the color and style of your pavers to permanent features of your home’s architecture can help to ensure that your hardscape always suits its context. Matching your driveway pavers to the roof of your home, stone veneer siding, or architectural accents, such as eaves and window panes, will result in a cohesive look that will last a lifetime. This is generally a better option than matching to the siding of your home, or the color of painted features, such as doors or window shutters, as these features are frequently repainted, and your hardscape and home may end up no longer matching.

One option that perfectly exemplifies this approach is the use of Courtstone pavers in Basalt or Belgian Blue to match the deep colors of a slate roof. This has the effect of uniting the home and the landscape and creates a more cohesive design. Courtstone is part of the Elegance range and is equipped with EnduraColor Facemix Technology to ensure that the colors never fade or falter.

Blend with the Natural Surrounds

Another element that you can match your pavers to is the predominant colors and textures of the wider natural environment of your neighborhood or town. For example, match your hardscape to local rock outcroppings or natural stone formations.
Unilock pavers come in a wide range of options that emulate the color and texture of natural stone, from the rich flagstone texture of Bristol Valley, to the authentic appearance of granite with Umbriano, or the soothing blues and earthy browns of bluestone with Richcliff in the Smoke Shale or Dawn Mist color options. If you live in an area with lush vegetation or stretches of forest, you can even complement the deep greens of these places with the elegant grays and charcoals of Unilock Limestone.


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Borrow Local Character

Apart from its natural heritage, your location may offer man-made attractions that are worthy of paying tribute to in your landscape design. Think of the historical buildings near you and the types of materials they use. Many historical landmarks incorporate brick or natural stone of some kind. You can emulate the appearance of historical brick with Copthorne or Town Hall pavers from Unilock. Or use Tribeca Cobble to achieve the look of imported granite cobblestone that has been used traditionally throughout North America.

Complement Your Design Theme

With your design theme as the foundation for your aesthetic choices, you can choose from a number of theme-specific pavers from Unilock. For example, you can complement a modern design theme with Senzo or Series pavers, or you can achieve a more rustic, natural appearance with Thornbury or Treo Premier. If a historical theme is more your style, consider a timeworn paver, such as Brussels Block, or the old-world appearance of Courtstone. Unilock also offers a number of wall units that can be used to further complement your design theme, such as U-Cara Multi-Face or Lineo Dimensional Stone for a modern/contemporary look; Brussels Dimensional System to match the tumbled character of Brussels Block; and Rivercrest Wall for the rustic, realistic appearance of stacked flagstone, to mention only a few.


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Accentuate Your Home’s Architecture

The shapes and lines of your home’s architecture can be reflected in the pavers you choose to create stunning symmetry between home and landscape. For example, strong horizontal lines and plank-like shapes can be matched with Artline pavers. Artline pavers are long and slim, with a modern appearance. They are available in a range of different lengths and widths to allow for a coursed ashlar laying pattern that is ideal for matching with homes high in graphic interest and straight-edged profiles.

Similarly, Beacon Hill Smooth is an excellent match for homes that feature large, unbroken facades. The Beacon Hill Smooth XL Unit can help to create the same sort of clean appearance as the exterior of your home and provide an aesthetic for your hardscape that is expansive, sleek and uncluttered.

Highlight Central Features

Central features, such as swimming pools, are good anchor points for hardscape design. Highlight your swimming pool with a paver selection that enhances the cool blues of the water and the relaxing ambience that it creates. Beacon Hill Flagstone in the Tuscany color option, for example, complements the bright blues of sky and water with its sand-like coloring, and can contribute to a Mediterranean design theme. The same can then be used throughout your hardscape, from pool deck, to patios and walkways for a cohesive design.

The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone front entrance with Copthorne accent.


6 Landscape Designer Tips for Choosing Unilock Pavers

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