Astonia Landscaping Overcomes Challenges to Build Updated Pool Deck in Oakville, ON

Astonia Landscaping Overcomes Challenges to Build Updated Pool Deck in Oakville, ON


Unilock Authorized Contractor, Astonia Landscaping created this unique poolscape in Oakville, ON. The original backyard was worn and dated, and the homeowners were looking for an updated patio to revitalize their landscape. The new pool deck features Unilock Thornbury pavers in Nevada with Brussels Block borders in Sandstone and Brussels Fullnose coping, also in Sandstone.


The project posed a number of challenges, but the clients feel their improved outdoor space is worth it. Due to the proximity of the surrounding yards, there was limited access to the site. With a large amount of material requiring removal after demolition, the access restrictions posed a bigger challenge than expected. The ability to visualize the project via 3D rendering gave the homeowners the confidence to move ahead with the project despite the initial obstacles.


Thornbury pavers have a slightly textured surface that resembles the look of natural flagstone. They are available in large, medium and small rectangular sizes, which allows for less formal paving patterns. Examples of different laying patterns are available on the Unilock website. With five different colour options, Thornbury will complement almost any landscape style or existing hardscaping. Unilock EnduraColor Facemix Technology gives the pavers a strong foundation with colours that resist fading.


Thornbury pavers are durable enough for use in both pedestrian and vehicular applications. They also work well for creating permeable hardscapes that minimize water runoff. To achieve a penetrable surface, use a permeable jointing compound combined with proper paver spacing.


Borders made with Brussels Block pavers surround the cut-out planting beds in the pool deck. For this project, the contractor chose the Sandstone colour option, creating subtle borders that offer a cohesive appearance. Matching Brussels Fullnose coping around the pool provides a smooth, rounded edge ideal for the perimeter of a swimming pool. For best results, install coping skin tight, ensuring that both the Fullnose units and substrate are dirt, dust and moisture-free before applying adhesive.

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Astonia Landscaping Overcomes Challenges to Build Updated Pool Deck in Oakville, ON


Retaining walls were necessary to create more useable space and help hold back the slope from the neighboring yards. They also provide some added privacy around the pool. The retaining walls are built using RomanPisa wall stone in the Sierra colour option with Ledgestone Coping in Buff. RomanPisa is available in five striking colour choices, and features a rugged, distressed appearance with a timeless feel. Pisa wall stones have a built-in setback that helps form the correct slope and generates an extremely stable retaining wall. The tapered units also make it easy to form curved walls and steps.


Ledgestone is the universal coping system from Unilock and is compatible with a variety of wall stones. Its pitched edges give the stones a relaxed, natural appearance.  With a variety of rectangular and square sizes, as well as a Fullnose coping option, Ledgestone is the ideal choice for any masonry project. Note that shimming may be necessary to achieve even heights between units.


Despite the challenges with this project, both the clients and contractor are very happy with the end results. The updated pool deck and patio have rejuvenated the backyard and given the homeowners functional outdoor living space.


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Astonia Landscaping Overcomes Challenges to Build Updated Pool Deck in Oakville, ON