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Why You Can Trust a Unilock Authorized Contractor With Your Landscape Design in Kalamazoo, MI

Why You Can Trust a Unilock Authorized Contractor With Your Landscape Design in Kalamazoo, MI


Your Kalamazoo, MI, landscape design deserves the best workmanship. You want the finished product to be something you can be proud of and enjoy for years to come. The vision for your landscape design can become a reality. To do this, careful consideration must be made when choosing the team for the job. It could take endless hours sifting through companies trying to find the right fit for your design project. But there is another option. The search can be narrowed down tremendously by someone with industry-knowledge and high standards, and who is dedicated to finding you most qualified contractors in your area. Unilock makes the decision easier by doing the research for you. Unilock Authorized Contractors have undergone a thorough vetting process and intensive training, making them a superior choice for your Kalamazoo design.


Customer References

Customer feedback is of utmost importance to Unilock. From our database of customer references, you can hear about the experiences that other homeowners have had while dealing with a particular Unilock Authorized Contractor. Customer feedback is taken at all stages of the project. Unilock even checks in with customers years after the project has been completed to ensure that they are still satisfied with their project.

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Double Warranty

If you still have any doubts about the workmanship and quality of Unilock Authorized Contractors, you’ll find the double warranty comforting. Unilock backs the work done by Authorized Contractors. Which means that if the contractor does not meet your expectations or the standards set by Unilock, the contractor is obligated to correct the issue. If not, Unilock will step in and make sure your concerns are addressed. The same goes for the Unilock products that the contractors use. Unilock is so confident in the quality of their products that they offer customers a Transferable Lifetime Guarantee. If a product proves to be defective or doesn’t meet product promises, Unilock will make sure you are given a replacement at no cost.


Selection Process

Not just any contractor in Kalamazoo can become a Unilock Authorized Contractor. The selection process is extensive so you don’t have to put hours of research into finding the best contractor for the job. The qualification process includes evaluation in areas such as customer service, labor, workmanship, design, and safety. The application process does not end when a becomes certified. Contractors must become recertified each year, which means the contractors chosen by Unilock are up-to-date with the industry’s evolving processes and rigorous Unilock standards.


Innovative Manufacturing Technology

Unilock offers some of the industry’s latest technology. These various technologies are applied to enhance paver longevity, strength, and color durability. Umbriano pavers, as an example, offer ColorFusion Technology for realistic granite coloring, EasyClean Stain Resistance for easy cleaning, and EnduraColor Facemix Technology for long lasting color and a hard-wearing surface. Choosing a Unilock Authorized Contractor means that you have all the benefits of this technology and the design possibilities that come with it.


There’s no need to stress about trying to find a landscaping design company with integrity. Unilock strives to make your decision-making process easier by having this information ready and available for you.



Why You Can Trust a Unilock Authorized Contractor With Your Landscape Design in Kalamazoo, MI

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