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Why Unilock Umbriano Pavers Are Perfect for Your Eatontown, NJ Pool Deck

Why Unilock Umbriano Pavers Are Perfect for Your Eatontown, NJ Pool Deck

The perfect pool deck combines four essential features: safety, appearance, ease of maintenance, and durability. That’s where Umbriano pavers from Unilock come in. Here’s why these pavers are perfect for your Eatontown, NJ pool deck:


Safety and Comfort

Umbriano pavers offer several important safety features. Firstly, they are non-slip. Their subtle surface texture feels great on bare feet, yet doesn’t get slippery when wet. It also doesn’t snag delicate swimsuit fabrics. The light color options provided by Umbriano pavers also remain cool to the touch even on the hottest days, as they don’t absorb excessive heat from the sun.


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The aesthetic appeal of Umbriano pavers is hard to match! These pavers are designed to look just like natural granite, and will give your pool deck a sophisticated elegance. The colors are rich and varied – just like real granite – and are achieved using a specially developed technology known as ColorFusion. ColorFusion Technology infuses the surface of Umbriano pavers with color and actual granite particles to achieve a unique and randomized appearance for each individual paver. Their large format sizes and clean, crisp lines offer a sense of spaciousness and luxury, and complement any setting, from ultra-modern to traditional or rustic.

Umbriano pavers pair well with other Unilock pavers, such as Copthorne and Brussels Block, giving you plenty of options for dramatic accents and borders around your pool area, and a way to tie your pool deck in with the rest of your hardscape for a cohesive look.

The finishing touch for your pool deck comes with using the right jointing compound between your Umbriano pavers. Different sand colors create vastly different looks. Bold jointing lines can make a space feel busy, but at the same time they serve to make a huge space feel more intimate. For a sleeker look that enhances the sense of space, use a jointing compound that matches the primary color of the pavers. Unilock Jointing Compound is available in Black Sand, Tan Sand and Grey Sand to complement your selection of Umbriano pavers.



Unilock EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology coupled with the exceptionally dense molecular structure of Umbriano pavers means that pool chemicals, food, leaves, household chemicals, oil, and even salt water won’t mar their good looks with unsightly stains. Unilock EasyClean is integral to the paver, meaning that the protective surface layer won’t peel off over time, and stains can be cleaned up quickly and easily with a simple wipe of a cloth or paper towel.


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Umbriano pavers are stain resistant, fade resistant, and extremely durable. Unilock EnduraColor Facemix Technology ensures that Umbriano pavers retain their rich appearance without fading. Umbriano’s rich coloring starts with a concentrated surface layer of high-performance minerals, pigments and fine, hard-wearing aggregates. This surface layer is combined with a base of larger aggregates that provide structural stability and strength. The result is a paver with everlasting color and impressive flexibility.

Umbriano pavers are also tough enough to be used for driveways, meaning that you can incorporate the style of Umbriano throughout all of your outdoor living applications (pool deck, driveway, patio, and walkways) for a wonderfully unified look.


The title image features an Umbriano pool deck with Copthorne and Brussels Block accents.


Why Unilock Umbriano Pavers Are Perfect for Your Eatontown, NJ Pool Deck


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