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Why These Unilock Concrete Pavers Make Excellent Substitutes for Flagstone in Suffolk County, NY

Why These Unilock Concrete Pavers Make Excellent Substitutes for Flagstone in Suffolk County, NY

Flagstone works well with diverse architectural styles, and its warmth and character add visual interest to any outdoor room, walkway, pool deck, or driveway. However, flagstone has a few characteristics that make it a less-than-ideal choice for some applications. It has a tendency to flake and chip (especially if not sealed properly) which makes it unsafe for bare feet. It can also become quite slippery if mildew is allowed to grow on it. And, it can crack under the weight of vehicular traffic. Flagstone is simply not as durable and maintenance-free as modern concrete pavers from Unilock. Unilock concrete pavers are significantly stronger and longer-lasting while offering the random appearance of cut natural flagstone. Here are a few options from Unilock that make excellent substitutes for flagstone in Suffolk, NY.


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Beacon Hill Flagstone

A favorite among homeowners who want a relaxed yet sophisticated outdoor living space, Beacon Hill Flagstone features natural colors and an authentic flagstone texture. Beacon Hill Flagstone is available in sizes which allow for custom laying patterns with a modern appeal that blends beautifully into any setting. The pavers are suitable for any pedestrian application including pool decks, thanks to their barefoot-friendly subtle texture and non-slip surface. Beacon Hill Flagstone features Unilock Enduracolor FaceMix Technology – a process that combines a strong foundation of coarse aggregates at the bottom of each paver with finer wear-resistant aggregates that are saturated with blended color to resist fading.


Bristol Valley

Bristol Valley pavers add an elegant dimension to flagstone with a modern, precise edge and subtle surface texture. Blended colors give this concrete paver the authentic look of natural stone, but without the spalling (flaking) and slipperiness. Bristol Valley is the perfect paver for patios, entryways, walkways, and pool decks. The neutral colors look perfect in a natural setting and clean jointing lines make Bristol Valley perfect for modern or minimalist architectural styles. Create a unique look with the varied sizes which can be laid in a number of patterns.



Richcliff pavers feature Unilock Ultima Concrete Technology which is four times the strength of poured concrete, making Richcliff a popular paver for driveways, as well as outdoor living spaces, where their authentic texture adds rustic appeal that is still slip-resistant and comfortable for bare feet. Richcliff is cast from molds taken from hundreds of natural stone pieces, which creates a completely natural and random appearance. Unilock EnduraColor Facemix Technology makes these pavers exceptionally resistant to fading.


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Thornbury pavers are a wonderful eco-friendly option for both outdoor living and driveways. Thornbury pavers are part of the Unilock line of permeable pavers, which allow rainwater and snowmelt to seep into the groundwater below, reducing runoff and ice buildup. Their more pronounced surface texture, smaller dimensions and authentic flagstone colors (protected by Unilock Enduracolor technology) make Thornbury pavers an incredibly versatile way to beautify and unify your entire landscape.



Treo pavers are similar in appearance to Beacon Hill Flagstone, but with smaller size options, allowing for greater flexibility. The rough flagstone texture creates a non-slip surface that is perfect for any application. The pavers’ natural appearance is enhanced with random laying patterns and slightly irregular jointing lines – however, installation is a breeze due to the precision-cut shape underneath the jointing line (unlike natural flagstone, which must be cut and shaped to fit).


The title image features a Thornbury patio.


Why These Unilock Concrete Pavers Make Excellent Substitutes for Flagstone in Suffolk County, NY


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