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Why So Many Middletown, PA Landscape Engineers Choose Unilock for Segmental Retaining Walls

Why So Many Middletown, PA Landscape Engineers Choose Unilock for Segmental Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be big or small, but what they always have to be is reliable. Holding back large amounts of earth is often essential for a landscaping project, but this can easily go wrong if inadequate materials are used. Good landscape engineers know that materials matter, and that’s why they choose Unilock for segmental retaining walls in Middletown, PA.

Correcting Slopes

Retaining walls are generally used to correct issues related to sloping ground. If you have a steep or hilly area anywhere on your property, a contractor may have to install a retaining wall to prevent any type of land movement and help solve drainage and erosion issues that go along with this sort of topography. Sloping ground can be especially inconvenient if there are trees that are close enough to your home to cause damage if they were to fall as a result of eroding soil. Serious slopes can also be an impediment to the installation of outdoor entertaining areas and other features. Depending on the degree of sloping present in your yard, a landscape engineer may be required to plan the retaining wall system for your property. For serious jobs, heavy-duty materials are required, as well as professional installation by a knowledgeable craftsman. That’s where Unilock comes in! We have industry-leading materials, and an Authorized Contractor program that allows you to connect with certified installers.


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Concord Wall

For a beautiful wall that will provide stabilization for your yard, as well as match other hardscape materials used in your design, Concord Wall is a great choice. Available in three beautiful colors, Concord Wall matches almost any color palette. Corresponding coping units, as well as tapered components, allows curved walls and steps to be added wherever they are needed. Major slopes are no challenge for this sturdy retaining wall, as its setback design automatically adjusts to form the correct slope, allowing for maximum strength.


If your retaining wall forms part of your entertaining space, RomanWall is an excellent choice. Created with the look of old-world quarried stone, each unit has a unique surface pattern, giving it a natural look that’s perfect adjacent to ponds or water features. Its compact size makes it perfect for mid-sized projects like tiered landscape wall systems. Steps and tapered pieces are also available, adding a practical element to your design. RomanWall can even be used to construct masonry planters integrated into your wall. For a rustic look where plantings and scenery will take the forefront, RomanWall is as decorative as it is strong.


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If you have a large-scale project with major sloping that needs to be corrected, SienaStone is an excellent heavyweight option. Each massive stone provides immeasurable strength that can hold back the heaviest of loads. The long, elegant units also make beautiful stairs, to ensure accessibility even on challenging slopes. SienaStone is perfect for large properties with difficult terrain that require a permanent solution. Available in three attractive colors, this wall unit blends into the landscape for a natural look.

When you choose Unilock for your segmental retaining wall, you’re choosing a high-quality product that’s guaranteed to last. Check out our Product Catalog for more ideas for a retaining wall that improves your design and adds to your landscape.

The title image features a Concord Wall retaining wall and steps.

Why So Many Middletown, PA Landscape Engineers Choose Unilock for Segmental Retaining Walls