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Why Series Driveway Pavers Make Sense for Contemporary Homes in Elmont, NY

Why Series Driveway Pavers Make Sense for Contemporary Homes in Elmont, NY

A contemporary home calls out for a driveway that is more interesting than asphalt, and more durable than poured concrete. Here’s why Unilock Series driveway pavers could be the right option for your contemporary home in Elmont, NY.

Series pavers bring a sleek, minimalist contemporary aesthetic to your driveway. Contemporary homes are characterized by clean lines, muted colors that draw the attention to the architecture and landscape, and the lack of fussy details.


Unparalleled Looks

The right paver sets the tone for a visitor’s first impression of your home, and Series offers a very special detail that will make your driveway stand out. The unique micro-pebbled surface texture of Series driveway pavers has a wonderful light-catching quality that results from the addition of quartz and natural granite aggregates throughout the pavers. While subtle, this effect gives the driveway pavers an almost translucent dimensional quality that works exceptionally well with modern architecture. The result is a driveway that has its own character but serves to complement the home’s aesthetic as well.


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Many homeowners like to carry a design theme throughout their hardscaped areas. Series pavers are durable and easily withstand the demands of a commercial or residential driveway, but they are equally at home in pedestrian applications such as walkways and patios. The washed surface is non-slip and comfortable on bare feet. To complete the look, Series is also available for retaining walls, steps, and other vertical applications as part of the Unilock U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System.


Design Options

Series pavers are available in Black Granite, with custom colors and finishes available to order. If you want a subtle and minimalist driveway, consider a monochromatic approach for both the field pavers and the border; for a dramatic statement, you could use Black Granite pavers as a border, or to create inlays or an apron at the entrance to the driveway.


Durability and Lasting Color

Durability is a prime concern on driveways. Series pavers are designed for the heaviest commercial use, so they will easily withstand residential vehicular traffic. They feature long-lasting color thanks to Unilock EnduraColor Facemix Technology, a two-step process that uses larger aggregates at the base of each paver for strength, and finer aggregates infused with color to provide a wear-resistant and fade-resistant surface.


Easy Maintenance

Compared to asphalt and poured concrete driveways, Series paver driveways require virtually no maintenance. Asphalt and concrete have an unpleasant tendency to crack over time, and these cracks cannot be sealed effectively without ruining the appearance of the driveway; this means the driveway has to be completely re-surfaced, adding to its lifetime maintenance cost. By contrast, pavers do not crack in the New York freeze-thaw cycles, and in the unlikely event a paver should break from impact, individual driveway pavers can easily be replaced.

Unilock pavers do not require sealing, although this is optional. The pavers are resistant to household chemicals and de-icing products. Regular maintenance includes sweeping, spot-cleaning spills, and occasional power-washing if needed.


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Final Thoughts

Series pavers are popular in commercial applications, but since many contemporary homes are embracing industrial chic, these pavers can be the perfect complement to a modern home, and help draw the eye to the home’s architecture.


The title image features Series pavers.


Why Series Driveway Pavers Make Sense for Contemporary Homes in Elmont, NY

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