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Why These Products are a Columbus Paving Contractor's Favorites

Unilock offers a wide range of pavers suitable for a variety of applications. When it comes to hardscapes, these are just a few of the versatile products preferred by Columbus, OH, paving contractors because of their unique attributes and high performance:


Hollandstone pavers have a simple shape and traditional appeal—a practical choice for a variety of residential and commercial installations. Its exceptional strength and durability, as well as its range of captivating color blends make it one of contractor’s favorites. Hollandstone’s extreme versatility makes it suitable for a variety of different project types. Eco-Priora permeable pavers can be used in combination with Hollandstone pavers to produce a unique aesthetic that’s both durable and low-maintenance.

The title image features a front entrance paved with River Hollandstone with Black Granite Series 3000 accents.



Umbriano’s modern look and granite surface finish makes it a favorite among contractors. While Umbriano’s granite particle infused surface adds immeasurably to the home appeal of patios, their non-slip surface makes them safe and well-suited to areas such as pool decks that are regularly exposed to moisture. Contractors and homeowners looking to achieve the ultimate modern elegance may also opt for large format Umbriano pavers to create a bold impression and sophisticated, sleek look.


For driveway, patio, walkway or pool deck remodels that require the look of aged brick pavers and the beautiful paving patterns that go with it, Copthorne is a hands down favorite. The traditional, easy-on-the-eye basket weave or running bond laying patterns coupled with this versatile paver are prime choices sure to introduce the feel of quaint English cottages into your design. Copthorne is enhanced by a number of technologies including EnduraColor Facemix Technology for long lasting colors; Ultima Concrete Technology, making them suitably strong for heavy traffic; and Reala Surface Technology, ensuring a realistic aged brick appearance.

Optiloc Classic Pavers

Loved by contractors for its heavy duty interlock, Optiloc is best suited to vehicular pavements while maintaining an attractive rectilinear look and feel. Its dual-axis engineering provides superior surface strength and high traffic performance. Consult with a paving contractor about color and surface choices for this unique paver.

Bristol Valley

Contractors looking for a new, refined elegance for outdoor applications love Bristol Valley Enduracolor pavers. This paver is suitable for applications where a typical flagstone slab may have been used in the past. Bristol Valley’s subtle colors are specially blended for an authentic natural stone appearance.

Richcliff Pavers

This Unilock paving product is ideal for poolside patios because of its non-slip surface. If you are looking for an elegant, modern look with a natural twist, then this paving product is an excellent choice. Richcliff perfectly recreates the visual texture of natural stone thanks to Unilock Reala Surface Technology. Because of the durability and flexibility that Richcliff pavers provide, they are favored by hardscape specialists. Richcliff also pairs well with accent pavers, particularly Courtstone and Copthorne. Use these accent pavers to create stunning borders that separate various areas of your landscape or highlight different elements of the landscape.

Rivenstone Stonemark Pavers

Rivenstone Stonemark pavers provide the timeless beauty of natural stone with its rich, natural textures and two color options: Canyon and Bluestone. Rivenstone is an ideal choice for contractors dedicated to enduring quality and ancient appeal, and is perfect for walkways, pool surrounds, patios, courtyards and terraces.

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Why These Products are a Columbus OH Paving Contractors Favorites

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