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What To Look for in Pavers that Resemble Stone for Your East Hampton, NY, Hardscape

What To Look for in Pavers that Resemble Stone for Your East Hampton, NY, Hardscape

If you’re looking for reliable pavers that resemble natural stone for your East Hampton, NY, project, look no further. At Unilock, we’ve been the premier manufacturer of pavers for decades in North America. If you’re not sure what kind of paver is good for your application, we can help! Here’s what you should look for in pavers for your East Hampton, NY, hardscape:



There are several reasons why Unilock pavers are superior to other hardscape materials, but style is definitely a forerunner. The look of Unilock pavers enhances any home’s curb appeal, turning drab driveways or walkways into beautiful areas that are appreciated alongside the home itself. For new constructions or remodels, style is going to be a massive consideration. Unilock pavers are the industry leaders in style, with tons of unique products to fit any design. For a classic look, Courtstone is a cobblestone-style paver that creates whimsical walkways and elegant driveways, made with Reala Technology and cast from real cobblestones for an authentic texture. It’s easy to imagine Courtstone on the streets of old-world Europe, and bringing a rich, luxurious feel to your home. You could also go with flagstone-style pavers for a rustic look, or a smooth, granite-like paver, such as Umbriano for a modern aesthetic. In addition, Umbriano features EasyClean Stain Resistance to ensure that messes and spills are quickly and easily wiped up without leaving a lasting stain.

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Opt for durable pavers that will hold up to a beating, rather than pavers from unreliable suppliers that will incur damage and might need to be replaced within only a few years. Ultima Technology is a signature process from Unilock that infuses each paver with magnificent strength, making them virtually indestructible. These pavers, such as the brick-like Town Hall paver, create reliable surfaces that won’t crack, break, or split over time. Richcliff is another paver from the Elegance collection, made with Ultima technology and finished with a flagstone texture. Use Richcliff for pool decks, patios, and other hardscapes for a reliable floor that will always retain its rich look and color.


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One of the most difficult things about paver projects can be finding a reliable contractor who you trust. Even when you do, you could end up with a generic paver and never even be told who manufactures it. This makes it difficult to replace pavers if need be, or hold contractors accountable for product failure. Unilock pavers are the most trusted in the industry, and we pre-certify contractors for you to make sure you’re getting the highest quality craftsmanship. The Unilock Authorized Contractor Program is an easy way to link up with trusted contractors who work with Unilock products. On top of that, we stand behind our products with a Lifetime Guarantee on their structural integrity when installed by an Authorized Contractor. Our toll-free number makes it easy for you to talk to someone who cares and won’t dodge your calls once the job is done. All of these qualitative aspects are important when it comes to projects that will be a part of your home and outdoor living space for decades.


The title image features a Richcliff courtyard with Courtstone and Umbriano inlay.


What To Look for in Pavers that Resemble Stone for Your East Hampton, NY, Hardscape

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