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What Makes Unilock Natural Stone So Dependable in Troy, MI?

What Makes Unilock Natural Stone So Dependable in Troy, MI?


Natural stone is a very sought-after landscaping material in Troy, MI. The beautiful textures and finishes of stone can be used to create vibrant accents, rich highlights and characterful hardscapes. For this reason, Unilock sources Premium Quality Natural Stone from all over the world to make it available to Troy, MI, homeowners. Here’s why Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is such a dependable and reliable option for your landscape design:


Unilock Natural Stone is Protected Against Freeze-Thaw Cycles

Raw natural stone can be fairly porous in relation to concrete products. This makes frost and weathering processes to be cautious of. Frost damage happens when water slowly makes its way beneath the surface of natural stone through. Once the water is inside the stone, it is likely to freeze during the cold winter months. When water freezes, it expands which creates cracks and spalling. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone resists this natural process because of a number sophisticated surface treatments designed to seal and strengthen the stone. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is also equipped with a high degree of flexural strength to effectively combat frost weathering and heaving, allowing your beautiful natural stone surface to stay pristine throughout the seasons.


Stain Resistance Will Keep Your Stone Elements In Pristine Condition

Although accidental spills cannot be prevented, stain formation most certainly can be. There are a few ways that regular natural stone can stain, both naturally and from daily use. One of the ways natural stone collects stains is through a process called efflorescence. Efflorescence is the formation of a residue on the surface of the stone, most commonly from internally held salt water. This happen when mineral solutions are brought to the surface from inside the stone via the absorption of water into the pores. The water then evaporates, leaving the mineral residue behind, creating a stain. Natural stone is also susceptible to other traditional forms of stains such as spilt wine or coffee. Although these stains usually disappear with time, Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone reduces the chances of stains forming in the first place. The same sealing processes that protect Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone from frost damage, serve to prevent the absorption of water and liquids that may cause staining.


Unilock Natural Stones Hold Up against Corrosive Compounds

Another way that Unilock aims to protect your Natural Stone features is to safeguard it against sodium and calcium deposits. These types of deposits can cause corrosion and are common with the use of deicing compounds and solutions used in pool care. The specialized surface treatments used on Unilock Sandstone and Limestone during manufacturing helps to keep the stone resistant to these types of compounds. This offers a variety of dependable uses of the natural stone in hardscape design.

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The Backing of a Unilock Quality Standards

When choosing Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone, you can be confident that all measures have been taken to create a durable natural stone product. Unilock sources high-quality stone from Europe and Asia and perfects it to fit the everyday needs of homeowners. The stones meet humanitarian standards of quarrying, processing and shipping, ensuring that no child labor is used at any point during production, and laborers are paid a living wage and work under humane conditions. Connect with a Unilock Authorized Contractor today to discuss dependable natural stone options for your next landscaping project.

The title image features a Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone home entrance.



What Makes Unilock Natural Stone So Dependable in Troy, MI?

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