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What Makes a Fire Pit the Perfect Investment for Cincinnati Summers?

One of the biggest reasons Cincinnati, OH, homeowners install fire pits in their outdoor spaces is the amount of enjoyment and comfort it provides. Fire pits are affordable assets that give the luxury of simple summer nighttime relaxation after a stressful day and add ambiance to the entire space. If you don’t yet have a fire pit in your home, or are still on the fence about whether or not you should invest in one, here are a few reasons why a fire pit is more than just a beautiful design feature.


Fire pits are the ideal place for intimate gatherings and having a readily available entertainment area in your backyard is always a plus. Maximize the functionality of the outdoor space by finding the ideal location for your fire pit. Safety is the most important aspect when positioning any fire feature. Just make sure your patio furniture is at a safe distance from the fire pit and avoid placing it under or on top of flammable objects.
A popular option for homeowners that are looking for a quick and easy solution is the pre-built fire pit kit. If you want to instantly transform your outdoor space into an inviting charming place, consider the Rivercrest Firepit Kit. It is available in two shades, Coastal Slate and Buff, both of which are subtle, appealing colors. Alternatively, expand the color palette and design options with the Sunset Firepit Kit. The Sunset Firepit Kit comes in five different shades that are sure to match any patio.

Seating Area

Once you install your fire pit, create your seating area. You might want to add some chairs around it, but to maximally utilize the space available, consider creating a larger, more permanent seating area with the use of built-in seating. This way your seating can match the style of your fire pit and other vertical features. Unilock Rivercrest Wall offers the look of stacked flagstone, but the affordability of concrete. Because of its versatility, the wall unit is ideal for building both a fire pit and nearby seat wall.

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Range of Use

Summer doesn’t have to end too quickly. With a fire pit, you can extend the season and use your outdoor space for even longer. Your fire pit will still keep you warm and cozy after the summer is over. Even though your outdoor lighting might be on point, the fire pit will give that extra sparkle to contribute to the ambience of your outdoor spaces.


Fire pits come at a very reasonable price. Regardless of whether you decide to order a pre-built fire pit kit or go for a customized one, the materials remain affordable and durable. Lineo Dimensional Stone is great for building a modern fire pit because of its sleek lines and simple look. Coping will add elegance to the fire pit. Ledgestone coping is a universal coping system that tends to give a natural appearance to this design element at an affordable cost.

Focal Point

Creating a focal point benefits the entire outdoor space, making it more organized. If you have a bigger space, you can have multiple focal points and your fire pit can be one of them. A focal point immediately grabs the attention of the viewer and makes the space more attractive.

The title image features a patio paved with Artline, complementing a fire pit built with Lineo Dimensional Stone and Ledgestone coping.

What Makes a Fire Pit the Perfect Investment for Cincinnati OH Summers?

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