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Wall Units and Matching Coping for your Retaining Wall in Erie County, NY

Wall Units and Matching Coping for your Retaining Wall in Erie County, NY


Building walls for your landscape in Erie County, NY, is a great way to add some architectural flair and define your backyard. Here we will talk about how to choose the right materials for your retaining wall.


Choosing Materials

Retaining walls can be used to level out uneven ground surfaces, add areas for plantings, and even provide some casual seating for you or your guests to take in the views. So how do you know which materials are right for you?

First, think about what type of qualities you’ll need from your wall. Factors like height, shape, and color may determine what you will do with the new wall added to your landscape. Depending on your outdoor area, you might incorporate your wall into a larger landscaping plan like a seating area, walkway, or cooking area. If you need help mapping out your landscaping plan, an experienced contractor can help you to figure out the best way to make the most of your space. Unilock Authorized Contractors are held to the highest standards and will ensure high-quality design and build.

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Decide what you want your wall to look like. Do you want lots of natural texture, or do you want a completely smooth finish with evenly sized units? Something like the Rivercrest Wall will allow you to use different sized units to create a natural-looking feature with rich texture. Something like Lineo Dimensional Stone offers a smoother, sleeker finish that has a more uniform look. You can also mix and match to create a unique design that incorporates units with rough, natural textures combined with smoother accent units to create a contrasting feature that adds interest. You can even contrast colors, mixing light and dark units.



To complete your wall, you will need coping, which refers to the flat units on the top of the wall that give it a finished surface. Coping is often slightly larger than the wall units, creating an overhanging lip to add definition, though this doesn’t have to be the case. A coping unit with a smooth surface adds a finishing touch to the wall and makes the wall more appropriate for casual seating. Ledgestone coping, for example, is ideal for comfortable seating. If you prefer the look of a uniform wall, you can use coping units that are the same color as your wall. A lighter or darker option can be used to add contrast and definition. Something like the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System can give you all the features we’ve discussed here. You can mix and match textures throughout your wall, add units of different color for interest, and play with different types of coping to finish your wall.


No matter what the purpose of your wall is – defining your outdoor area with the look of natural textures, defining lounge space, or creating a clean-lined cooking area – we’ve got the options you need to customize the look of your vertical features. Visit our Design page where you can find inspiration, view options, and start putting together your custom yard.

The title image features a Rivercrest Wall retaining wall with Ledgestone coping.




Wall Units and Matching Coping for your Retaining Wall in Erie County, NY

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