Wall Unit and Paver Combinations for Rustic Landscape Design Themes in Hartford, CT | Unilock

Wall Unit and Paver Combinations for Rustic Landscape Design Themes in Hartford, CT

Wall Unit and Paver Combinations for Rustic Landscape Design Themes in Hartford, CT


The chaotic hustle and frenzy of modern life has given rise to the desire to let go of all of the complications of modernity in the design of home and landscape. This need for peace, quiet and retreat has lent itself to an embrace of the rustic. While this tendency speaks to simplicity and an homage to the natural world, it in no way speaks to a lack of style or quality. Unilock offers many product lines that when used alone or in combination can create exactly this sense of rustic beauty that we so need to relax in our Hartford, CT, refuge, away from the frenetic society of today.


Wall Unit and Paver Combination, Option 1: Brussels Dimensional System Wall Units and Thornbury Pavers

The first combination up for consideration is Brussels Dimensional System wall units in combination with Thornbury pavers. Two of some of the most versatile series offered by Unilock, the color options and textures of these two products enable an incredible rustic result. Combined with the greenery of a well-kept yard and rays of sunshine, you’ll not find a more picturesque, rustic product combination. Beginning with the pavers, Thornbury offers a flagstone, natural texture in many different shades that include Almond Grove, Barvarian, New York Blend, and Sierra. This paver choice is also offered in three sizes to create a random layout that speaks to the rustic design theme. Add to this paver a versatile wall unit, such as Brussels Dimensional System and the possibility of an accent paver such as Copthorne. The many shades available from Brussels Dimensional System include Sandstone, Sierra, Limestone, Coffee Creek, Almond Grove, and New York Blend. These color options ensure that any color scheme is possible. The weathered texture of the Brussels Dimensional System ensures the rustic and casual appeal of the design.


Wall Unit and Paver Combination, Option 2: Estate Wall Units and Brussels Block Pavers

A study in contrasts, the combination of Estate Wall units and Brussels Block pavers demonstrates the power of stateliness and simplicity. The statement-making texture of this wall unit, when paired with the low-key, natural beauty of Brussels Block pavers, equals a rustic quality that is powerful without being overdone. Choose from the wall shades of Almond Grove, Sierra, Walnut, or Granite to work with your paver color of Sandstone, Sierra, Limestone, Coffee Creek, Almond Grove, or New York Blend. The classic paver’s three different sizes and weathered texture will provide a naturally beautiful and rustic foundation that is meant to be versatile and complementary to any style choice. By adding the dynamic choice of Estate Wall with its multiple sizes and powerful aesthetic, you’ll gain a rustic, but powerful result.

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Wall Unit and Paver Combination, Option 3: Roman Wall Units and Cassova Pavers

A match made for the country, RomanWall and Cassova pavers offer an aged elegance that is perfect for the rustic style. The paver’s standard size offers the opportunity for a number of open laying patterns and a variety of designs, while the many wall unit sizes and shapes encourage a random, natural feel for a casual aesthetic. RomanWall shares the availability of shades to include Almond Grove, Granite, and Sierra, so creating a uniform look from floor to walls is simple.

The title image features a Thornbury paver patio with Brussels Dimensional System outdoor fireplace and verticals with Copthorne accents.



Wall Unit and Paver Combinations for Rustic Landscape Design Themes in Hartford, CT


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