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Using Deep Colors for your Peekskill, NY Driveway Pavers

Using Deep Colors for your Peekskill, NY Driveway Pavers

With pavers from Unilock available in darker colors, you can create a driveway with massive visual impact. Here’s how to make your Peekskill, NY, driveway more practical and stylish with deeply colored pavers:

Deep Colors for Heat Retention

The color of your driveway can have an impact on the amount of heat retained by the ground. This can help to prevent ice from taking over your driveway and freezing over. Darker colors absorb the heat from the sun’s light, decreasing the rate at which snow or rain turns into ice. This can save time and energy freeing your surfaces from snow, and even help to prevent slips and falls. Town Hall is a brick-like paver that is compatible with permeable installation methods, as well as being available in deep color options, doubling its practical value. Permeable pavers allow water to be reabsorbed by the groundwater system, helping to prevent the pooling of water that can later turn into ice. The heat retaining properties of Town Hall can be further enhanced by incorporating a driveway heating system into the installation of your driveway. In a dark charcoal color like Basalt, your driveway is sure to be both stylish and practical.


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Deep and Enduring Color

Mattoni, another brick-style paver, has a slim format that runs only 6 centimeters wide. The Dark Charcoal color can be combined with Cocoa Brown as an accent, or used on its own for a dark, consistent look. It’s also perfect for walkways and patios, and can be combined with other pavers to create a unique appearance. The shape makes it perfect for herringbone, running bond, and other laying patterns, as well as soldier course borders and accents. Made with EnduraColor Technology, Mattoni features long-lasting color that won’t fade from wear or weathering.

Vivid Colors

Holland Premier is the perfect go-to paver for use throughout your commercial or residential property. Its 4 x 8 inch shape makes it the perfect size for any hardscape, from your driveway to walkways, and even patios. The versatile shape also makes it ideal for traditional laying patterns, such as running bond, basketweave and herringbone. Accent the Charcoal color option with Almond Grove, a neutral color with hints of mauve and beige. There are also other colors like Rustin Red and Sierra, all produced with EnduraColor Facemix Technology. This means that any color you choose will be rich, high in depth and detail, and look great all year round.


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Large Format Pavers

For something with a larger format, Umbriano pavers provide a beautiful surface that’s non-slip and stain-resistant. Available in 5 different sizes, this paver is perfect for randomized patterns that create a consistent and even look. ColorFusion Technology is used to combine aggregates resulting in a natural granite-like appearance. Midnight Sky is a deep gray that’s stylish alone, as well as when paired with lighter colors like French Grey. Harvest Brown is a great choice for a deep, earthy feel, especially when accented with Summer Wheat.

No matter how big or small your driveway is, we have paver styles and deep colors that will complete your project and add curb appeal to your home! Our Product Catalog is full of visual inspiration for both simple and intricate driveways that are functional and beautiful.

The title image features a Town Hall driveway in the Basalt color option.

Using Deep Colors for your Peekskill, NY Driveway Pavers