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Using Borders and Aprons in Your Wayne, NJ, Hardscape Design

Using Borders and Aprons in Your Wayne, NJ, Hardscape Design


Borders, aprons, and other paving accents are absolutely essential in the creation of interesting hardscapes that will inspire onlookers of your Wayne, NJ, property. Without these accents, paved surfaces can appear dull and devoid of personality. Borders can also achieve various other functional roles in a hardscape, like separating different parts of a patio or neatening pathways. They are more important than you might think and are worth some forethought and investment. Here are a few landscape design ideas to help you create one-of-a-kind accents for your paved surfaces:


Creating a Color Combination

Borders are accents, and their role is in their name—to accentuate. It is important that the pavers or stones you select for your borders play well with your field pavers and enhance the overall look of the hardscape. This can be achieved either by creating a wow-worthy contrast in color or by creating a quiet and harmonious color combination.

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Create contrast in areas where you’d like to draw the eye. A circular driveway with a stunning sculpture or fountain nestled at its center could benefit from eye-catching borders that make the center point impossible to miss. Bold borders can also add personality to hardscapes that are otherwise rather dull. Visually busy hardscapes would not benefit from contrasting borders, on the other hand, and would most likely subject onlookers to a visual overload instead.

Subtle borders in a color similar to that of the field pavers have their time and place. They can be used to neaten and close off paved surfaces that feature pavers in different colors or numerous other accents like aprons and inlays. A subtle border can prevent an intricate paving project from looking disorderly or tacky.


Using Stone

Stone, in the form of stone slabs or decorative pebbles, can be used to flank paved surfaces in rustic and natural settings. The more rustic and ethereal a landscape design is, the further a landscape designer may suggest straying from refined materials.

A relatively modern hardscape will require flagstone or bluestone pavers that are more or less regular. A hardscape shrouded in vegetation with a campsite-like look and feel can be accentuated by a collection of small decorative pebbles and larger boulders that form borders around living areas. Each stone is packed with changing textures, unique markings, and a rich history, making this material an excellent candidate for hardscapes that require more character and personality. An apron comprised of gravel or small stones can add an unexpected twist to a regular cobblestone driveway, for example.


Adjusting the Width of a Border

The width of a border is completely customizable and dictates how eye-catching the border will be. Double borders can be used to spice up relatively uniform surfaces, for example. A double border can be comprised of contrasting pavers or similarly shaded pavers with differences in texture for a more subtle effect.


Mixing and Matching Textures

A border or apron can make a powerful impact on a paved surface without showcasing a striking color contrast or intricate layout. Particularly rugged pavers can create a subtle, yet pleasant, contrast when paired with sleek pavers. The texture of a weathered paver initially goes unnoticed and is only appreciated upon closer inspection. Therefore, very different aesthetic themes can be merged in this way without throwing the entire hardscape design out of balance.

The title image featurtes a driveway utilizing Courtstone and Umbriano pavers.


Using Borders and Aprons in Your Wayne, NJ, Hardscape Design

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