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Using Accents and Banding for a Stylish Fire Pit in Omaha

An outdoor fire pit for your Omaha, NE, home creates a more engaging environment in your backyard. This is ideal for family gatherings and small get-togethers. To match your architecture, tastes, and needs of your landscape, a fire pit can be designed and custom built in a variety of shapes and sizes. Other details that can be added to the fire pit to further integrate it into the rest of your hardscape design include accents and banding.
Banding simply refers to strips of color incorporated into vertical structures, including fire pits, and can be used to highlight the feature and create variation of color and texture. Banding can be designed to specifically match your patio or contrasting colors can be used to complete the design. For a unifying motif that runs throughout your hardscape design, matching banding can be introduced into the design of all vertical hardscape elements.
Likewise, accents are any detail of color or texture added to the feature and can include coping or custom elements. Here are few stylish combinations that you can use to create visual interest for your fire pit:

Traditional Warmth

If it’s a warm and welcoming fire pit area you’re looking for, a Brussels Dimensional Stone fire pit with Copthorne banding and Brussels Fullnose coping is an ideal combination. Brussels Dimensional Stone carries all the charm of aged quarried stone, while Copthorne in Burgundy Red, with its rustic brick character, adds an unmistakable touch of warmth to this winning combination. To top it off, Brussels Fullnose coping adds a smooth, rounded finish for comfort and practicality. Consider a color combination of Brussels Dimensional Stone in Coffee Creek with its muted reds and blues, Copthorne in Burgundy Red to highlight the reds, and a muted Limestone coloring for the coping to tie it all together, as shown in the title image above.

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Flagstone and Granite Charm

The combination of a Rivercrest Wall fire pit with Unigranite banding and Ledgestone coping provides an interesting mix of color and texture. With its stacked flagstone texture, Rivercrest Wall forms the main body of this combination and provides a base already high in visual interest. To contrast, a coarse brushed layer of Unigranite forms an attractive Dark Charcoal layer. With its smooth surface texture and edges that resemble handcarved stone, Ledgestone coping provides a third visually interesting texture that completes this stunning triad.

Sleek and Modern

If you’re going for the sleek, clean lines of the modern aesthetic, Lineo Dimensional Stone is an obvious choice for your fire pit design. With the three complementary color options that Lineo Dimensional Stone offers, creating attractive banding is that much simpler. Any two combinations work perfectly together. Consider a fire pit in the Sandalwood or Sierra shade, for example, emphasized with the darker Granite option. For a more subtle effect, Sandalwood can be paired with a Sierra banding or vice versa. For a neat finish that balances the modern look with textured character, Ledgestone coping is ideal.
Using Accents and Banding for a Stylish Fire Pit in Omaha NE

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