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Use These Pavers to Create a Flagstone Style Patio for your Canton Home

Use These Pavers to Create a Flagstone Style Patio for your Canton Home


The beauty of flagstone is undeniable. Pavers that have this look give hardscape structures a design edge that complements all types of traditional and contemporary homes. In Canton, OH, you may want to consider pavers that will generate that kind of interest and opulent feel. With that in mind, take a look at these pavers that can be used to create a flagstone-style patio.


Avante Ashlar

Unilock is known for innovation and this is evident in the Avante Ashlar paver. By combining varying textures and random shapes into one module, the paver’s distinctive natural stone appearance is achieved. Avante Ashlar is known for its unique “L”-shaped design which aids installation by landscape experts by allowing for precision laying. Choose from Sierra, or River Blend, whichever color best suits your patio design ideas. You can also mix the two colors to create unique accents with these flagstone-inspired pavers. For patios that experience heavy wear and constant sun exposure during the day, Avante Ashlar is complete with EnduraColor Facemix Technology, which ensures a stronger, wear-resistant surface and enhanced color.  This makes it a perfect choice for high traffic outdoor rooms.


Beacon Hill Flagstone

Your patio might just make friends jealous when they see your Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers. While they can be used for a variety of landscape design purposes, Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers shine when it comes to patios, outdoor rooms, and pool decks, because of their color range, and natural flagstone appearance. Choose from Slate Blue, River, Walnut, Birch, Sierra, and Platinum – subtle colors that pair well with all types of outdoor furniture, walls and verticals, potted plants, and standalone sculptures and ornaments.

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With the surface texture of flagstone, Thornbury gets the job done right for your Canton, OH, flagstone patio. Available in Bavarian and Sierra, Thornbury’s three varied sizes let you randomize the pattern so your backyard patio floor generates interest and adds flair to your landscape design. The surface texture is rich and varied, delivering on the natural stone look with a contemporary feel. Like most Unilock outdoor living features, these pavers are non-slip, tough against even the harshest freeze-thaw cycles and de-icing salt. This means that Thornbury pavers will withstand all kinds of weather.


Treo Premier

Natural stone is aptly represented with this flagstone-inspired paver offering. You can get Treo Premier as small and big rectangles, or squares, so you and your landscape design contractor can come up with and execute fun, clean design. It shares a similar look to Beacon Hill Flagstone, and is available in Walnut, River, and Sierra. Patios featuring Treo Premier pavers have a number of possible laying patterns that contractors will use to give you the best results with this gorgeous paver.

Your patio design can come alive with flagstone-like elements that you won’t be able to tell aren’t natural stone. Unilock products like wall units can be used to mount other features that will keep the natural stone appearance of your patio consistent with the overall theme. Try the Unilock Catalog for more trend-setting flagstone-style patio ideas.

The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone patio in the Sierra color option.



Use These Pavers to Create a Flagstone Style Patio for your Canton Home