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Use These Driveway Pavers for Exceptional Borders in Cold Springs, NY

Use These Driveway Pavers for Exceptional Borders in Cold Springs, NY

Want to dress up your driveway a bit? Personalize your driveway and give it panache by adding borders and accents. Use these driveway pavers for exceptional borders in Cold Springs, NY – and make it even more wonderful to come home!

Why do you need borders?

Paver borders are a great way to add an attractive personal touch to a driveway. Borders can also help to preserve a driveway’s edges. You can use paver borders alongside poured concrete or asphalt driveways, as well as for paver driveways, but once you see how wonderful these borders look, you’ll want to replace your entire driveway with pavers!

Playing with Colors

You don’t need to have contrasting borders if you prefer a more subtle look. For a subtle look, you can use the field pavers in a different laying pattern, or different pavers in the same color.

You can pull specific colors from your home as a starting point. While it may not be possible to match your home’s colors exactly (if you’re trying to match its brick or stonework), you can come close to matching the roof color for your field pavers, and tie the look together using colors similar to your home’s stonework as accents.

Alternatively, take cues from the environment. If your property is heavily treed, you can match the color of the bark. Or, use native rock for inspiration to blend your driveway into its surroundings.

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Unilock Driveway Paver Combinations

Here are some great combinations from Unilock, to inspire your driveway makeover! Whether your home is traditional or modern – or an eclectic mix of styles – a combination of Unilock pavers will give it an unbeatable, sophisticated charm.

Tribeca Cobble with Town Hall accents

Unilock Tribeca Cobble pavers feature an old world cobblestone look that works exceptionally well with brick pavers such as Town Hall. Since Tribeca Cobble pavers are typically laid in a running bond pattern across the driveway, you can create a substantial border by having the border pavers laid side-by-side with the narrow ends butting up against the field pavers (a soldier course border). If you’re not a fan of “brick red,” Town Hall pavers come in a variety of colors just right for the look you want to achieve.

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Artline and Artline

For a truly stunning driveway, try a combination of Artline pavers in different finishes. Artline pavers come in an Umbriano Finish perfect for the main field, and a smooth finish that’s just right for borders. For even more drama, go for a double border: a thin inner border in a darker (or lighter) color than the field pavers; and an outer border featuring the field pavers laid perpendicular to the main field.

Umbriano with Copthorne accents

Can’t decide whether to go modern or traditional? Do both! After all, even a traditional home has to adapt to modern living. Try a stunning Umbriano driveway with Copthorne accents. Umbriano pavers offer a sleek modern aesthetic, and its random patterns look absolutely stunning when lined with a border of street brick pavers reminiscent of ancient roads presented by Copthorne.

Unify your outdoor spaces by choosing complementary colors for your driveway, walkway, and patio pavers; most Unilock driveway pavers can be used for any application, allowing for a cohesive look all the way around your home.

The title image features an Umbriano driveway with Copthorne border and accent.


Use These Driveway Pavers for Exceptional Borders in Cold Springs, NY

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