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Upgrade Your Landscape Design with a Raised Paver Patio in Pittsburgh, PA

Upgrade Your Landscape Design with a Raised Paver Patio in Pittsburgh, PA


A raised paver patio can offer multiple advantages over a traditional patio or wood deck…the patio does not have to follow the slope of the landscape, it can be constructed in almost any shape and can be placed almost anywhere in the yard. Because a raised paver patio can incorporate multiple levels, you have the option to add other outdoor rooms, too. Here are some ways to upgrade your Pittsburgh, PA, landscape design with a raised paver patio.


Raised Patios for Tricky Terrain

One of the main advantages of a raised patio is that it can begin flush with your house, and extend into the yard for your preferred size, but is not hindered by the terrain of your yard. So, if your landscape is gently sloped or steep, the area for entertaining is not compromised. Copthorne pavers are an excellent choice as they give you the look of traditional brick pavers, but with up to four times the strength of concrete and enduring fade resistance. A reliable wall unit, such as RomanPisa is also essential for a raised patio to overcome the challenges of sloped ground.

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Stunning Steps

Adding steps to a raised patio can say “Welcome…come on up!” Steps can be bordered by extended stone planters for annual flowers and native grasses, while lanterns that top pillars can increase both safety and ambiance. With the look and feel of granite, and a non-slip surface, Umbriano pavers offer not only gorgeous colors for your patio, but also contrasting stones for banding the outside so that your patio is truly eye-catching. Pair this with a coping option such as Ledgestone for stunning outdoor steps.


Outdoor Kitchen with a View

Consider a slightly elevated outdoor grill area to make dining outside more convenient. Or, an outdoor kitchen could bring all of the cooking convenience to your patio. Bristol Valley pavers bring a refined elegance to a patio by mimicking large flagstones. In muted shades that can blend with most any other paver choice, Bristol Valley gives the appearance of natural stone with the benefits of EasyClean Stain Resistance.


Permanent Seating

A partial low wall can not only add safety to the higher portion of a raised patio, but it enlarges the seating area for guests. As a convenient spot to put drinks and food, or for additional seating, an enclosing wall may also bring more privacy to your patio. The wall adds interest as a change of elevation and visual separation from the lawn. Rivercrest Wall, which is popular and durable, creates the look of stacked stone for low walls, retaining walls and pillars, and complements most patio pavers.


Paver Patios Last

With a raised paver patio for your Pittsburgh, PA, home, you won’t have to worry about destruction from insects as with wood decks. There is no painting, staining, or wood to replace from weather damage. You won’t have to contend with weeds growing through the patio cracks either. A raised patio can withstand the elements and provide years of relaxation and entertaining.

The title image features a raised patio incorporating RomanPisa verticals.

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