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Units for Fire Pits You Won't Believe Aren't Natural Stone in Kalamazoo, MI

Units for Fire Pits You Won't Believe Aren't Natural Stone in Kalamazoo, MI


There is a certain charm that natural stone brings to outdoor structures. Their texture and durability allows for various applications, which add to their overall design benefits. However, close proximity to fire is often not recommended with natural stone. Fortunately, in Kalamazoo, MI, Unilock offers a number of concrete wall units that convincingly emulate natural stone, and can be used to create fire pits that inspire. Here are a few units for fire pits that you won’t believe aren’t natural stone:


Rivercrest Wall

One of the flagship Unilock Firepit Kits, which comes preassembled and ready to go is the Rivercrest Wall Firepit Kit. Offering rich texture and subtle color options, the Rivercrest Wall Firepit Kit is popular for food reason. The Rivercrest Firepit Kit consists of Rivercrest Wall units, which offer a gorgeous natural flagstone look and relaxed aesthetic, making it a hit for fire pit design. Your Kalamazoo, MI, backyard will look and feel different with the added style of this particular selection. Available in two colors – Buff, and Coastal Slate, your Rivercrest Wall fire pit will feature an authentic stone look that is absolutely timeless. Rivercrest Wall can be combined with Richcliff pavers, which feature an embossed surface texture and a choice between Dawn Mist and Pebble Taupe color options, as well as a 2 color blend. Combinations like this will bring a modern edge to your patio and fire pit, while maintaining a completely natural look and feel.

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Estate Wall

Set fire to the night with your Estate Wall constructed fire pit. Sandstone and Sierra are your color choices, deeply weathered surface texture is a definite, and it has the natural look of aged ledge rock. Estate Wall will ensure that your backyard fire pit is a major gathering spot. Enjoy a campfire-like setting and a relaxed ambience with an Estate Wall fire pit. Pair Estate Wall with Thornbury pavers in Sierra, Birch, or Bavaria for your patio floor, for a subtly textured complement to your fire pit.


Brussels Dimensional System

Trust the versatile Brussels Dimensional System to deliver a tumbled, timeworn look for your fire pit. Bringing the natural stone look and feel to outdoor kitchens, steps, fire features, and more, the Brussels Dimensional System is another fantastic option for your fire pit wall unit selection. In fact, consider an integrated Brussels Dimensional System fire pit and seating wall and have your fire pit truly become part of the hardscape. Fire pits are worthy of their place in any backyard, and how you choose to place them is a matter of design taste. Keeping your fire pit as a part of a longer wall, allows for a brief interruption in the curved meander of the a Brussels Dimensional System low wall, which can add a touch of excitement to the design. Brussels . For a simple option, consider the Sunset Firepit Kit, which allows for the simple installation of either a square or rounded fire pit for your backyard.


Coping with Ledgestone

To finish off your fire pit, a suitable coping option is recommended. Ledgestone is a popular and universal choice for fire pit coping. Ledgestone is available in either the Grey or Buff color options, and provides the option between either pitched or Fullnose edges. Ledgestone can be used with all kinds of wall units, including those mentioned above. Ledgestone incorporates Reala Surface Technology to ensure an entirely authentic appearance.

The title image features a Thornbury patio, Brussels Dimensional System fire pit and seat wall and Ledgestone coping.



Units for Fire Pits You Won't Believe Aren't Natural Stone in Kalamazoo, MI

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