Unique Pavers for Your Infinity Pool Deck in Lebanon, PA | Unilock

Unique Pavers for Your Infinity Pool Deck in Lebanon, PA

Unique Pavers for Your Infinity Pool Deck in Lebanon, PA

Infinity pools are considered one of the most luxurious of pools, and they elevate the look of any property. To finish the look, though, you need to use the right pavers that will achieve the same level of sophistication. Here are pavers to consider for your infinity pool deck in Lebanon, PA.

First, it’s important to choose non-slip pavers for your pool deck, whether they are textured or not. With multiple options that fit this criteria from Unilock, there’s a world of design possibility that ensures your pool deck will match your design aesthetic whether it’s modern, rustic, or classical.


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Let’s begin right at poolside, with coping. Unilock Ledgestone coping beautifully complements virtually any pool deck pavers you choose. Its rugged edges bear the appearance of hand-hews stone. Its smooth surface offers a stunning contrast to casual or rustic pavers and ties in well with sleek modern pavers. As far as user-friendliness, Ledgestone is snag-free, non-slip, and comfortable on bare skin. Ledgestone comes in two neutral colors, Buff and Grey, which make it the perfect choice for any decor.


Pool Deck Pavers

Moving outward from the pool coping, let’s explore four different pool deck pavers, each with a completely different appeal.

Beacon Hill Smooth from Unilock is unique in that it’s available in a large 35”x21” size as well as random bundles of two rectangle sizes and one square size, which offer several different laying patterns. A larger paver, especially when laid on an angle, helps smaller spaces feel larger. And the several contemporary color choices mean this paver is equally at home in any architectural setting. Beacon Hill Smooth offers a refined surface perfect for poolside, as well as the long lasting color of EnduraColor.

Umbriano pavers from Unilock feature a granite-like surface thanks to Unilock ColorFusion technology that randomly spreads real granite particles throughout each paver. The unique color gradients of these contemporary pavers add interest and visually help break up a large space. Their zero bevel edge makes for a remarkably smooth surface perfect for pool decks. In addition, Umbriano pavers are far cooler on the feet than other popular pool decking materials such as bluestone.


For a tranquil spa-like atmosphere, Richcliff pavers from Unilock feature a realistic flagstone appearance. This paver also comes in an extra-large rectangle which, when used alone, creates a texturally interesting yet uncluttered pool deck. For an infinity pool, create a sophisticated setting using the darker gray Smoke Shale color, which will highlight the pool and make the view the star of the show.

Finally, Thornbury pavers from Unilock can also be used with great success around an infinity pool—especially if you want to re-create the illusion of being on a secluded beach or hidden lagoon. The rougher flagstone texture is a pleasure to walk on (and its texture looks stunning in the golden light of late afternoon). The feature most appreciated at poolside is that Thornbury pavers can be permeable. The joints between them are slightly larger than normal, which allows water to absorb back into the ground rather than pooling or running off. This helps keep the pool deck drier for added safety.


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The main feeling an infinity pool delivers is serenity. So, keep contrasting borders and accents to a minimum to avoid competing visually with the pool. For more ideas on creating a stunning infinity pool deck, contact your local Unilock Authorized Contractor.


The title image features Beacon Hill Smooth pavers.


Unique Pavers for Your Infinity Pool Deck in Lebanon, PA


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